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Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDt2lVHXOb8
Indiegogo link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/love-and-war-magical-girl-lavie/
Hi, everyone! I'm not sure if anyone here remembers me or my game, but I'm Admiral Styles, and I had a little RM2K RPG called "Love and War", that I released a long while ago, back on the old Gaming World forums. (You can actually find the old thread over here: http://saltworld.net/forums/topic/1284-love-and-war-act-i-new-revamp-released/ Wow, has it really been so long...?) I've made the decision to go to Indiegogo to try and fund a new game in the series. Magical Girl Lavie is a JRPG  made with RPG Maker VX Ace starring Lavender "Lavie" Regale. It takes place some time before my aforementioned RPG, Love and War: Act I, making it sort of (but not really) a prequel. Those who have played Act I before will recognize some familiar faces, but no prior knowledge of the series will be required.

Chapter 1 of Magical Girl Lavie is intended to be a shorter game, roughly around 2-4 hours in length. I love the dozens-of-hours long epic RPGs as much as the next guy, but I feel like shorter, more focused RPGs can pack in a lot of fun too. MGL is also intended to be the first in a trilogy of similar-length games, if the first one is well received. The intention is to make this a commercial game (hopefully sold on Steam) after a successful crowdfunding campaign! Chapters 2 and 3 will follow afterward, perhaps with their own crowdfunding campaigns if all goes well with Chapter 1. Any extra funds we raise for Chapter 1 will go towards making Chapters 2 and 3 as well, of course!
Some screenshots:






And some art:








In the end, it's very much my hope that "Magical Girl Lavie" is just the beginning, and that you'll be seeing a lot more "Love and War" from me in the future. :)​  Please do let me know if you have any questions or comments (or have gotten stuck in the Baron Snake Cave when playing Act I - that place can be tricky!). If my ramblings here have piqued your interest at all, then I hope you'll decide to join me on this journey!
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Wow, it's been a while and a half!

Figured I'd go ahead and post up the revamped version of Act I here, at the place where it all started...  :) (Well, sort of. I guess Salt World isn't exactly Gaming World?). The revamped version of Act I was released a little while ago - Here are some screenshots:

What's new? For starters, it now features a lot of voice acting! The script weighed in at 117 pages and over 1,600 lines. The new version also contains new artwork, redone mapwork, and new sidequests. I think it's a better and stronger project because of it, and for those who have downloaded past versions, I hope you'll agree!

Anyhoo, you can find our Facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/loveandwartherpg

The LAW webpage here: http://antioch.snow-fall.com/law/

And here's a direct link to the download: http://antioch.snow-fall.com/law/downloads/Law1.exe

To any that check it out, I hope you enjoy, and I look forward to any feedback you might have!

Act I: The Ties That Bind


Love and War is a tale taking place on the world of Terra. Ever since the birth of the first nation-state on this world, Terra has been wracked by the scourge of war. Five nations managed to survive throughout the ages, yet it seemed as though with each passing day, humanity slipped closer and closer to self-annihilation.

One man made a difference, however. The youthful Emperor of the Zion Empire, Geraud Valtemond, was this man. A brilliant, honorable, and benevolent monarch, he managed to open the eyes of the leaders of the other nations, showing them what lay ahead if Terra persisted down this road. Through diplomacy and sheer force of will, Lord Geraud created the Commonwealth; an international governing body, comprised of democratically elected representatives and Peacekeeping Forces, which would forever make war a thing of the past.

Three centuries have elapsed, and people have forgotten the lessons of the past. Tensions are rising between nations once again, and it seems as if the Commonwealth is powerless to do anything but watch as its order crumbles. Can one man make a difference, once again?

Welcome to Love and War.




http://antioch.snow-fall.com/law/downloads/Law1-RTP.zip (If you don't have the RTP installed.)

Love and War page: http://antioch.snow-fall.com/law/

I hope you enjoy playing (or replaying) LAW!


Miniproject: C'est Lavie!


C'est Lavie is a fifteen minute, 19MB RM2K cutscene starring Lavie and Ryan, two of the main characters from Love and War, my flagship RPG series. Apparently, Lavie has decided to try and change the nature of her relationship with Ryan. Little does she know her imagination may be her own worst enemy...

The reason for the rather large file size is because of my experiment with... voice acting! Please tell me what you think, should you feel so inclined; feedback will help me decide whether I should implement limited voice acting in LAW itself, or continue making the occasional side project, and so on.