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Though unfortunately I will be back again.

I've never really done one of the goodbye topics so I felt kinda like I wanted to do one now. Since my military service is done and I only made a "I'm back" topic when I did that part of my life. So yeah blahblahblahblah. I'm just kidding with this text saying that I will be away for two weeks visiting the Americas. The United States of the Americas even. I'll bring my video camera and hope to shoot some stereotypes and hopefully some other shit the US does. I'm also attending a wedding though I don't really know much about that.

But that's all kidding from my part actually I'm leaving because.

I hate you guys. Honestly. I've been sticking around for a while. Not really ever doing much fuss over anything. But damn. This community just doesn't give anything anymore. Nothing new ever happens and everything that does happen just seem to be a lot of fighting and whining and stuff. Well I'm no better than anyone else and I have to go with trends here so I'll whine and bitch and moan a bit too.

Now GW has given a lot over the years but unfortunately it's either stagnated or possibly turned to shit. I'm hoping it has only stagnated and that's why it smells a bit. I'm guessing that since I've been here so long I'm part of what has stagnated and smell. So I'll leave. With the usual Fuck Yous I suppose.

Now who should I tell fuck you to? Man even when I leave in anger and storm I'm still too nice a guy to tell you all to go fuck yourselves.

But I guess I can do a half-hearted attempt. There's always the attitude. I know some people are dumb and all that and deserve a bit of shit, but the attitude is sometimes a bit much. Everyone was a noob at one time and even though you've grown out of it now when you're 15 and adult and filled with problems at school and with your parents some people are still immature 14-year olds and you were one of those too. You are never any better than anyone else.
But then again. Some people just never get it. So I guess this applies to the stupid 14-year olds being bullied by the 15-year olds too. But when you finally do get it. Or when you don't get it but decide to give the same treatment to dumb 13-year olds. Don't.

Then there's the whole "we are being ironic because we write different and therefore are either funny, interesting, filled with anger or following a trend"

And since I've been in #G&D for far too long to ever be sane again. Stop the fucking whining about moderators and admin decisions and all that stuff. Sure. GW6 will never happen and the community is dead and all that and good job everyone. But everyone knows this now. No point in beating the dead horse and whine about the same bloody thing all the time. blah blah blah blah.

So yeah I hate GW and all it stands for and now I am leaving because honestly. It'll probably do better when conservative bastards like me leave. It's not like I ever do anything apart from complain anyway.
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