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Heres the newest version of my game Silent Insnanity 2. Lots has been done the biggest being the fact that I redid EVERY "Skill" in the game (of playable characters) so that they appear on screen as they are performing them so like if your main dood uses "Death Acrobat" in a fight he actually flies at the enemy to perform it, no more random slashes that come out of nowhere. The same goes for spells, the person will make an appearance etc. So all characters that will join you now have a full skillset up until the end of this demo INCLUDING characters that only join your team for a short time. If the "Mason character seems to be missing skills then that means you didn't explore and you didn't collect his random gadgets or w/e. For example, one of them is a Harpoon Machine Gun in the Ship.... You'll know when you see them.

I've had some peeps test it out and had to correct a lot of shit so I'm hoping that this one is top shape for some of you doods to play. Leave some feedback on what you think/ what can be improved etc. 

Download good to go.

[[[[[    http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HSA6O8L2 ][/[[[[ ]]]]]]


Ps: It says 2.0 on the RAR but the folder (and files) inside are actually of 4.0.