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A question arose just a moment ago that I thought was interesting enough to ask.

Specifically, how do you write the actual plot to your game, and in what form do you direct the plot's flow?

I've heard some people get a basic idea (I want a good guy to find a sword to defeat a bad guy with) and then just run with it. Does anyone write out a game script for dialogue and events before advancing to creating the game? Or do many really just roll with it?

Do you build your plot based around events you want to happen, or do you start with a character and focus the plot on their adventure?

I've personally always held that writing a script before anything, and building any plot around its characters rather than a premise and an event is the best way to go. I can't work without actually scripting out the plot lines so I have something to hold on to, with enough freedom to add events as I so choose provided I do not alter the core events too much.

Working from characters seems natural and easy to me, but I imagine others might disagree.

What are your opinions?