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So I havn't really screwed around with a rpg maker in a while, but now that I am starting to get back into it I was wondering if the newer RMVX is better than rm2k3. I know this has been discussed before, but now that people have actually been using both programs for a while I'd like to hear from you guys on which you think is better.

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GamingW Super Smash Bros. Tournament #2

This tournament will be held on May 21st(Might change depending on # of players)

Basic Information- This tournament will be a 2v2 tournament. From lack of players this tournament won't start untill more people sign up. Than I will choose a date to start.

Picking Partners- You will be able to choose either a member from GW or you can choose a friend from your town. Pick your partners Now!- If you pick a partner too late you will either 1. Not find a partner in time or 2. Pick someone you originally didn't want.

If you have connection issues than talk to your friend from real-life and ask him how his connection is. If its better than yours try bringing your wii over there and setting this up. This is optional, but it may be neccesary for some of you who want to win without freezing ever 2 seconds.

Contact your opponents ASAP- When you find out who you will be facing off against. Feel free to talk to your opponents set up a match time, or even get in a few practice matches to see how your skills are going to match up against theirs. Find a time between the two teams of when both teams will be on. If you wont be able to play for a few days, ill post-pone the match.

Results must be back within 3-4 days!!!

It will be like last tournament where you just tell me who won, and ill change the brackets. This will have it fast enough that people aren't waiting 5 days for someone who dosnt set up a match, however 3-4 days will be the max unless you PM me saying you aren't able to start a match untill whenever.


1. Stock 3, 12min matches.
2. 2-On-2
3. Friendly Fire On (Team attack for those who don't know)
4. Double elimination
5. No items
6. All maps but wario ware(it gives items)
7. No stalling
8. Best 2 out of 3
9. Mix-Character Matches. (You may choose whoever you want, and you are allowed to change between matches.)

Replays- Saving replays can be very important for these reasons. If you or your opponent breaks a rule, and you post saying you want a rematch. The only way I'd be able to tell whos lieing or cheating would be if someone had a replay they saved. They could than upload it to the computer and send me it. I'd be glad to look it over and determine who gets disqualified or if it was a small error and its just a rematch.

Author Comments :fogetmmh: After re-writing this for the third time I feel as if I left out a ridiculous ammount of stuff. I've spent like 2 1/2 hours writing this from past times of previewing it and hitting back instead of just scrolling down. Not only that, but they had much more detail but oh well. :fogetshrug:

Overall Have alot of fun!

(Write your sign-up like so: Alias,partnersalias.yourcode,part.code.)
List of Participants
(Ill edit in my partners code later.)

1. Abkewl5(Loki),Blue[Wagon](Blue).5412-9566-7463,N/a.
2. Doppleganger(T-POP),Erave(Tyler).0473-7436-1564/0473-7489-1051.
3. Sarhan(Ban), InfernoHit.1891-0832-4255(Same Wii).
4. Eric(Eric),Tyler,1504-5382-5906(Same Wii).
5. Capt_Strife,jaller141,YLYM,Jallr.5026-4094-5824,1805-1959-9491 

If you are having difficulities finding a partner look at the list, all of these people play brawl.

(Taken from the SSBB thread in video&computergames)

1. Sarhan BAN 1891-0832-4255
2. Man-O-War M-O-W 0731-4419-1999
3. YoshiJRC JRAFF 4038-5676-1305
4. halibabica Libby 0645-5438-6224
5. jman00 JMAN 3609-0712-5466
6. Tatsujinken Tatsu 4038-5653-4308
7. Capt_Strife YLYM 5026-4094-5824
8. BlindMind Aaron 3866-7692-5205
9. NightBlade Night 2750-0773-8502
10. abkewl5 Loki 5412-9566-7463
11. Pasty Pasty 4425-1160-0614
12. Terin ----- 0516-6940-9694
13. Riptor Steve 3566-1227-8074
14. IceSage ----- 4897-5603-0259
15. the_hoodie HoodE 1289-7905-5050
16. Eric Eric 1504-5382-5906
17. Evil Bob Jesus 0216-0489-5844
18. Velfarre Gnoll 0473-7480-8774
19. TrickLobster ----- 5455-9050-3845
20. Trash Head 2 Trash 3866-7712-0866
21. JohnnyCasil Johny 4382-1634-9871
22. Erave Tyler 0473-7489-1051
23. King of Games ----- 5370-0117-0936 
24. Mateui MAT 1461-5905-1317
25. Despain ----- 0173-0993-0846
26. DDay ----- 0860-2939-7818
27. Doppleganger T-POP 0473-7436-1564
28. Cheesy Doritos Julio 2148-7886-6225 
29. weesman88 WES 0946-1908-2220
30. mkkmypet Krusz 3222-5249-4770
31. angry black man HMLND 4725-7693-2927
32. Nikuru Telos 0173-0952-8065
33. sanctuary6284 Sanc6 2105-8306-0441
34. Raziel BRYU 1375-6956-4612
35. daaku Sol 1375-6887-5441
36. yomic777 Yomic 3136-6260-6230
37. HolyFlame SION 0774-3925-5754
38. Belross BELLY 4339-2243-2641 
39. Mr Epic Hero EPIC 0301-9551-4399
40. jaller141 Jallr 1805-1959-9491
41. Omcifer 2LATE 3823-8290-2315
42. Mirthless ----- 3694-9708-3990
43. Zohaib ZOH 4983-4636-4304
44. Chainer Piko 5112-3276-0678
45. Montai ----- 1848-1345-8316
46. Carius JCE 0173-1173-1928
47. jsnnoa ImNot 3394-3389-6977
48. thejackyl JCKYL 2363-5582-5267
49. Lord Typhoon Eltee 2449-4579-3996
50. Christophomicus Chris 1375-7066-7628
51. FQGamer Zack 3780-8700-4701
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In the past I've had to reduce image sizes because I'd draw them a tad bit to big (happens to everyone sometimes) but this last week or so I've gotten errors for something I've done in the past multiple times. :fogetshrug:

I'll find the source of the error and fix it sometime soon however.

In the meantime I really need this charset reduced. :shady:

This is probably stupid for some of you as, this might take 20 seconds, but I really need these A.S.A.P.

 :fogetmmh: Thank you very much in advance.

Credit of course will be given [Unless ][/Unless]

<-- Click me.
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Over the last 2 years of editing/drawing sprites and whatnot on MS paint.. everytime i reduced it to 256bit AFTER I made it look so cool and real  the colors obviously decreased insanely. I spent hours of re-editing the horribly colord sprites  :blarg: to get it someone close to what it originally was.

Today I finally had the brains to download irfanview... I uploaded a PNG of sprites and reduced it to 256bit within 2 seconds...  not only that the only thing changed on the sprites was the background color and it only lightened a shade (but its transparent anyway..)

Overall just like the title... i feel like a huge ass :fogethuh: