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So last year I got angry that after eighteen years of game dev I have nothing to show for it and have never finished a game. So I made one in a couple of hours and followed through with a shart of other games. They are all playable from a browser and have basic shared high scores going. Varying quality.
I would say the only good ones are Sneks and Demons, Frogge and Rudolf the Red Rose Slain Deer. But here they are.
Sneks and Demons

This is a simple Pacman clone with added mechanics. Each level introduces a new mechanic. It was made in a couple of hours and then some more levels were added. I just wanted to finish a game after 18 long, cold, dark years.
So this is a Frogger clone, but with more cars and stuff. Pop culture references and whatnot. A bunch of stuff flies past and you have to Not get Hit Xtreme.

So this is an actual Pacman clone for some reason but it's shit.

Monsieur le Pomme
This is a Snake clone, featuring In the Hall of the Mountain King. It gets impossible at about 99 points.

Rudolf the Red Rose Slain Deer
This uses the mechanics of Monsieur le Pomme to create a Christmas themed game. You play as Rudolf the Necroprancer, and have to bring all of Santa's dead reindeer back to life.
We've come to the consensus that 56 points is the max you can get before it gets silly.

Blocks Blocks Brevolution
This is someone else's Tetris clone script for RPG Maker VX Ace, but with my high scores system plugged in so you can play each other.

Magic Geoff
This is my current project but it is not finished and you cannot play it. Soon maybe.

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Hi I just found out this place exists still hello

So my name was Wyatt? Apparently I had posts here? I don't know in what capacity I existed.

So back in 2008 I was roaming RPG Maker forums participating in much forum wars, as was the fashion at the time. I just remember that rmxp.org really, really, really wanted to be GamingW. Lived and breathed GamingW. Staff forums were like, are we GamingW yet? When is the Mainsite coming so we can be GamingW? How can we be more GamingW?

And then we became GamingW and the site died?

But yeah that's still going, it had a couple of posts this year which is nice, I might get around to reading them soon idk

But yeah.


So I mostly hang around at RMN nowadays, I don't know how that happened.

I also grew tiddies?

But yes. Hello.

Oh and yeah game making and stuff I finally finished some games last year and they are totally playable https://www.arpgmaker.com/resources/categories/completed-games.13/?prefix_id=3

Edit to add: yeah my name is Ellie now not Wyatt

Which was a role play name from Battleon

Because I was 13

Deal with it

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Hi, I am looking for an experienced iOS developer to make a simple App for my game.

It will be a free app, however I will pay a reasonable price if we both agree beforehand.

The app will mostly involve simply opening a web page when the app is opened, however I have some added functionality I need and some restrictions that need to be placed on it which I will draw up in full once I know there is actually somebody who can do this for me.

Thanks in advance.

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Does anyone have a translated version of either license I want to know if purchasing either title will give me any rights to the graphics, I could use some cheap as chips battle animations

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Ok I am a massive shit talker. Seriously. I have to tell people everything, even if I don't know all the facts. I'm a gossip. I normally end up just saying nargle bargle zass because I don't actually know the thing I'm trying to tell them, I just heard it in passing, and then I get annoyed when they hear it elsewhere and it turns out the gaps my mind filled in were wrong and then they hate me.

How do I stop being a shit talker?

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I am thinking of rolling out copies of my game and sending them to a shop. I have a shop in mind, they stock low budget items, end of lines, and misprints. It seems a good place to get an indie game into. Given that I can order the games in at £1.15 a pop, I would happily accept £1.50 per unit. I'd expect them to retail around a fiver, I could print a £9.99 RRP to make the store happy. :)

I don't know ANYTHING about doing these things though. I mean, what do shops even PAY suppliers for these goods? Is £1.50 way too cheap, or way too expensive? Surely they have to make a profit on them, and if I was to ship say 1000 of them (which is how the shop in question works, it's a large chain), that would yield me £350 which would be a nice egg to start from for aiming higher.

I don't know, I'm a fish out of water here and don't know anything about launching a game. I know it is nowhere near game store quality though.

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I'm planning a multi-community awards ceremony.

I'm sure... some... of you still make games :p

A while back RMNET did the Misaos, which went ok, but they were biased towards RMNET and got most of the games from there as it was hosted on their forums and required people to register there.

What I am proposing is an automated system, not affiliated with or hosted on any of the RM* websites which will feature as many RM  (well, similar sites to this rather, not just RM), sites as possible. I'm talking trying to get everybody possible out there to take part.

I can make and host the system, I've done it before with a one-site system and it went pretty well. All I need is interested websites to take part. From me you'd get a link to your site on the awards website, and the chance for your members to win. It would be a public vote. From you I expect a topic discussing the awards and a link to the awards and for you to encourage entry into them, should you accept.

This will be non-profit and not ad supported.

What do you think? An interesting prospect?

The awards would probably take place around June when game making picks up but could be any time really.

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What is Afar?

Afar is a free online RPG game with multiplayer elements. It is all about exploration, storyline, and battles.

Released in the last quarter of 2010, Afar has been in production since 2007 but kept falling back. The game was restarted from scratch as a PHP game in it's current state, and was quickly released. Since release it has ammassed 200 players, with a record of 100 online at one time.

The State of Afar

Since the game is constantly (as much as daily) updated, it is hard to keep a project thread organised, and so instead I am writing this semi regular newsletter to place in all my threads around the place.

Where is the game currently?

Last time I spoke, there was no battle system, inventories was a big thing, and we had about 20 players around the world.

Build 2

Build 2 greatly enlarged the screen resolution, specifically with future plans for apps in mind and based on player feedback.

The navigation system and random battles are a new feature. That's right, battles!

We now have a basic turn based battle system. At current all you can do is attack, and the view is head on, but there are some tactics to it all:

- Different equipment has different stats for how much damage will be dealt
- Choosing your profession gives you boosts in certain weapons
- Swords give you melee exp, which makes you harder hitting with a sword
- Bows give you sight exp, making you better with a bow
- Different enemies are weak to different things

This is just a shell however and not representative of the eventual goal for the battle system, which will have animated sprites rather than a front-on view.

The World

As it currently stands, this is our world map:

The marked off regions are not yet created, but are planned.

You navigate the world using the four arrows shown on the screenshot above, but you can also access some key areas via the world map, once you have unlocked travel to them.

You gain gold as you play or by defeating enemies, of which there are currently ten. I am not revealing the algorithms and they are ever changing as I tweak and balance the game. You can at current spend this money on items in shops.

You can also gain gold by referring other players; how to do this is shown in game on the main screen.


Afar is created using PHP and javascript, with phpBB providing a base for account authentication and forum posting. It uses graphics provided by First Seed Material and others created by myself.

The amount of my own code has risen a lot since last time I spoke to you. The battle system was created entirely from scratch for example, as well as various other systems. Most of the game aspects are my own code, with the phpbb backbone merely serving as a good base for authentication, forums, and moderation as well as the admin cp.


Quests are under construction. You can complete most of the first one, but there is no reward yet. The second is in development and they will both be finished around the same time. The current "testquest" storyline revolves around vampires.

System Requirements

You must have javascript enabled for the domains:

vengeance-rpg.com (for now)

jquery is a javascript library, visit the jquery.com website for more information.

Otherwise your gameplay will be severely hindered. I may block users who do not have javascript activated in future because this may cause unfair advantages; it doesn't at the moment (other than making screens such as the inventory just not work).

High Scores

Because of our now large userbase we now have highscores. You are rated on either your gold amount, or your cumulative exp from all stats.

Stat signatures are available which update regularly:

If somebody registers from your sig, you get gold!

Accessing the game



The Netplay project for getting me into creating MMOs,
VDex for making me realise my old idea of making games using forums could actually work
W3schools for teaching me PHP
Tomas for helping me with javascript and showing me better ways of doing things
Everyone who helped me with Vengeance before <3

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Just here to advertise my game. Sup.


Computer games programming undergraduate (y2)

Game making since 2004, RM2k, XP, game maker, unreal ed 3, C++, ruby, PHP