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Just trying to get a discussion started.
I used to be an atheist during my childhood and adolescense until my early twenties, until I actually bothered to pick up Thomas Aquinas and realize that I never had any real philosophical basis for my belief. Yeah, there are criticisms to his ontological arguments, but in the end you'll still have something with divine powers, but that thing will be matter itself or the universe or some other bullshit materialist theory like that. Then I actually bothered to read the history books and realized that no society other than the ones with well established christian traditions gave birth to liberal democracies that truly respected individual freedoms. Countries where anti-religious experiments took place, such as China and Russia don't seem to fare better on social issues than the ones such as Iceland, Denmark, Sweden et cetera. Gay people enjoy the casual bashing by the police in Russia, while they have full rights in the United States, being able to own firearms and property, all in a "backwards and retarded and conservative christian nation".
So, I guess you could say I'm a born-again christian, though I recognize that many Christians also base their faith on simply rejecting any other possibility, which is what I was doing as an atheist.