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'Sup? I'm Remi-Chan, or Remilia Esoterica: Goddess of Chaos and Garbage... but no one got time for that mouthful so Rem/Remi or Remi-chan is more than enough!

I'm a prolific rpgmaker developer, artist, voice actor, dancer, writer and probably other things I forget. :0

Once upon a time I used to go by Bizarre Monkey, changed alias and rebranded myself in 2021, not for anything silly like trying to wash out my old identity, just had a lot of people assume I was a furry which while I don't have any issues with furries, definitely wasn't the kinda branding I was looking for. I should clarify that until today, I have never made an account here, so you would only know my past iterations if you've gone beyond this place.

Well, here's a little snippet of the kinda thing you might be able to look forward to from my goofy ass!
Live for only you, live with pride.
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"No! I'm not letting them or myself down! I will become strong, I will live once again for only me. I will live with pride!!!"

Story and World
Having fallen into a sedentary lifestyle after the era of Menagerie where she defeated a nemesis that even the gods feared... Fyori is called upon by her friends of old to pick up the pieces of her declining life and live once again for her own sake. She finds some friends along the way, and even love at the end!

A land of fae and legends ready to be explored and with a comforting vibe that lends itself to a very beautiful psychedelic experience!

Fyori Felicee

The titular protagonist of the game. After defeating the Anarchic Annihilator during the era of the Menagerie, she retired to Spriteopia under her Mother Blu's instruction. Unbeknownst to her, this would be an utterly boring retirement lacking the surprises and suspense Fyori had come to treasure in the adventure that came before. Suffering this torment for a century, Fyori finally takes charge after learning one of her old friends from that era has mysteriously disappeared from the timeline. While her supposed goal is to get to the bottom of it, realistically she just wants an excuse to go out and explore and find adventure. Blu allows her to be the free spirit she wants so long as she doesn't leave the planet.

Mad E. Lin

A shadow pixie Fyori finds in a chest at the end of a Forgotten Temple full of Dark Faeries and other Youkai.mad E. Lin tends to shift from raging tempest of loud destruction to calm zephyr of contemplative wonderment from one moment to the next. She claims to be the Heiress of Shadows, and that she was hiding in the chest to get out of doing chores that her mother keeps dumping on her. While the reception is rocky, mad E. Lin warms up to Fyori when she realizes Fyori has no real allegience with her mother and simply wishes to have an adventure. They team up with the end goal being for Fyori to try and make Mad's life a bit easier by using her political influence as Queen of Spriteopia to make some sort of compromise.

Mad does not fight in combat, not because she cannot fight. The opposite is true, in that she would make things too easy. Fyori accepts this, having been almost killed by one of her attacks, and is happy to have company that isn't sedated to all hell or an Aspect making a play at motherhood.



-Fae and fairy vibes everywhere!
-Gorgeous environments
-Fly around a world of immense beauty and charm.
-Electrifying bullet curtain combat with tech never before seen in my games!
-Endearing flawed characters who you'll love probably immediately!
-Powerups to collect which massively increase your power for a time!
-Optional areas that look pretty and may have some fun little surprises.

  WASD = Movement
  Spacebar = Interact and use Spellcard/bomb
  Left Click = Fire
  Right Click = Cancel and Open Menu
  F5 = Restart to Ttitle Screen (This does not save your progress.)
Live for only you, live with pride.
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I'm a multimedia molotov of crazy conjecture and creativity, and I often make videos. How often...? Well, that might be easily answered if you look at my youtube statistics, ha ha! Suffice it to say though, if you though a hundred videos, you are only going to be short by about 15x the actual amount.

It genuinely is a sin that I only have 244 subscribers just because I don't repost memes or upload OSTs I didn't create or do something vapid like rwact content, ha ha! But focus! let's not get negative and into the nihilistic depression that is the current social media model. We shall rise above because I'd rather the focus of people who care about my work than the unenlightened masses, anyway.

(Still if you need some funny content creators to sub to, well, my subscribing to me is free and --mostly-- painless!)

So, it's probably not surprising given my prolific nature as a game dev and general multimedia mafia that I have some experience under my belt, but instead of just tooting my own horn without saying anything, I'll let my videos speak for me. In this post I will unveil the Starchaser series, a recent variety of long form story content that tells of my various creative ventures.

Or just reviews a weird mode of a 20 year old game but shhhh
And as a bonus, just 'cause i like you guys, here's the unlisted but very much real sneak preview of the third entry into that series!
I don't know why I decided to use a different voice slant per video but oh well! it gives them character I guess!
Live for only you, live with pride.
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I came equipped with Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop CS6. I have had an extensive art journey that I will not go into right now because if you look down you may have just found yourself entangled in a GREAT WEB that will pay off in the third of the Starchaser series which I am definitely working on right now and will definitely have finished by May 10th (HA HA!)


What I'm saying is I do art, and now... I intend to share with you said art.

Warden of Eld

This is The Yamayoji, or High Court of the Dark World. The dark world in this case being the MAMIX (Matrix for Apoptosis Mitigation and Imprisonment of Xalatath) and is in charge of casting judgement upon its prisoners. Rehabilitating not mere sinners but cosmic enemies who have posed existential threats to the very fabric of space is not an easy job, but she'd not trade it for the world. She often goes by "Ashe" as it was her name back on Eden before its fall. She is employed by cosmic administration for this task.

She is a calm but cold and imposing presence. Like the judge of a supreme court, she commands both jaw-dropping authority and tranquility. Through her mirror she can see all the sins a a soul bears as well as their entire history both in life and death.

Despite her stoicism, even she, the Judge of a realm which even Hell fears- has a softer and more vulnerable side. She takes pride in those she successfully rehabilitates, and despite being quadrillions of years old, mortals can still surprise her. She also recently discovered she has a weakness for pudding far more crippling than her weakness for tea. Losing her hat also makes her feel naked.

She is mostly very fair, and judges based on the bigger picture rather than hyper-focusing on one particular point of time. She is often curt but in a way designed to help people reflect on how they might be better. Once mortal, she wishes to see them change and be better.

If only they knew... If they had seen as she had seen. Would it destroy or would it resolve them? Alas, it is not her call to make. Rulers would have to do for now.

I also have entertaining proof that I drew this, from blank canvas to completed image!

Simian Speed Draw #131 ~Warden of Eld
More art to come later!
Live for only you, live with pride.