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Remember back in the salad days of tomatoland, before tomatoland died and tomatobots took over, we had a topic in there where people posted interesting articles about anything? There was a lot cool stuff in there so can we do this again here? Yes, of course, everyone nods approvingly, I'll start..

The World of Blind Mathematicians Blind people can do math too, and they can be pretty good at it. Euler was one of the greatest and prolific mathematicians ever, and he did half of his papers while he was blind. Instead of being at a disadvantage when it comes to visualizing things, in some ways blind people can be better at it by having good awareness/imagination of space. This is generalizing, but the idea is basically that sighted people focus on the 2D projection of the 3D space given by their eyes, while people without sight focus on the actual 3D space and see it by touch/hearing. Cool article from Notices of the AMS, which publishes a lot of hardcore pure math stuff, but also general articles understandable by anyone like this one.

TO: ALL MEMBERS OF THE RESEARCH GROUP Huh? So you want to get a PhD? Then you have to work hard. This article seemed slightly over the top and shocking when I first saw it many years ago, but it seems more and more reasonable and sensible as I keep studying at university..

ALEX CHILTON INTERVIEW I got this from bonzi_buddy some time ago (I guess he got it from catamites), interview with alex chilton (rip).. alex "chill" chilton is a good guy who made good music
-Which of your songs are you most proud of?

Maybe the tune that I like the best, which didn't really have a great performance on the record, but the tune's good,
is, "Got A Thing For You".  I just think it's concise.  It's got a kind of hit musical thing on it and it doesn't say
anything, it doesn't... I dunno, usually when I write a song and I don't like it, it's because there's something in the
tune that just seems so awkward to me and lays such an egg and is so lame that I really can't dig that bit of it an
that kind of ruins the whole thing for me.  That particular tune doesn't take any really false steps.

Got A Thing For You http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GStRi13-Zjg

Really, post any articles about anything that you find interesting.. they don't have to be long, couple of pages is enough.. then we can talk about them or ignore them.. I'm not into quality control, I want to know what YOU like.. please saltw friend, post it, dump it.. I'll promise I'll read it, maybe..
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Download here (18 MB)

Hi there Salt World pals. Ever since I released my EP in 2008, people have been basically begging me to make more music. Well, here it is. Mikko's Guitar Station is a 14 minute long music lesson that you can play, dance, or just listen along to. Here is the tracklist:

Lesson 1 - Intro (1:10)
Lesson 2 - John Frusciante (0:56)
Lesson 3 - Jazz (1:30)
Lesson 4 - Outtake Solo (0:38)
Lesson 5 - Funk (1:24)
Lesson 6 - Egyptian Music (2:20)
Lesson 7 - Chords (0:58)
Lesson 8 - Piano (1:26)
Lesson 9 - Flute (0:45)
Lesson 10 - Effects (1:22)
Lesson 11 - Outro (1:55)