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So as you guys may or may not know I do Lets Plays and have been doing LPs since 2011. I've been thinking about posting a topic for sometime about me doing Lets Plays but never had the nerve to do it till today. What I want this topic to be is an archive of my lets plays that I do and I will update the topic and hopefully take in feedback since my YouTube channel doesn't get much love to be honest. I will not bother putting all my old lets plays up but going forward I want to make this a place of discussion of my current works and mostly will be a curator to the main post to provided updates.
My YouTube Channel can be found here https://www.youtube.com/user/DDayDark/featured
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I'm a bit late but figured it's worth sharing and to inform the masses about what is going on this week. So Weird Al Released his new album on the  7/15/2014 to kick this off he released the first music video on the 14 and ever day till the 21st there will be a new video.

Day 1
Day 3

I hope you guys are a big fan as I am.
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Hi as you may or may not know I will be streaming Tomorrow for 48 hours starting around 9:00am or 9:30am eastern time zone for Extra Life.
For those that don't know Extra Life is a group that got together to raise money for ill kids through streaming games of all sorts. Sadly as of right now my drive to raise money might be trending to 0 if I fail to get the word out and making my 48 hour drive to raise money in vain. Any donation will help and you can donate right here http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.participant&participantID=56952 also feel free to request a game from the list of games I Have at the bottom of this post.
The stream can be found right here http://www.twitch.tv/ddaygold
Also if you have no money there is a way you can help just by watching a video with no ad blocker on and that can be found Here mind you that you do not need to watch the whole thing and if you wish to help more share the video, since I seem to suck in the marketing department.
Different timezone when this event starts can be found here http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock
Thank You for reading and your support!
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Hey guys and girls as you may know I've been working on a RPG game on RPG Maker VX Ace I figured I will show you what I have so far with video and Shall update as I go along and ultimately post the demo and full game here.

I started this project April,29 2012 Right now I only have the hero's house completely done (other then SFX tweeking) and the flash back (sort of need to fix some words used) but for the most part there as is.

Right now my frist post will be bit of a Tech demo video.

My goal is to make everything intractable loaded with secrets and topped with a roguelike unforgiven battles (for the most part unless you spend a lot of time grinding.)

But I also would like to incorporate GW and SW past and present So this is where you guys come in to help me build rich in depth insight in to the game  I would love if you talk about the past in here and I will put my own twist on it to build a massive RPG.

I'm also taking name suggestions.

Video 1: http://youtu.be/Kv-mW7tmMjA (Video will be low quilty since I tired to keep the file small since I was pressed for time.)

Note around 6:40 I put an event that gave me a key item that activates the hidden door so you will not get the item there or activation switch it's just there for demo purposes also I will like to note in the crypt all the chooses do something and the battle was won with debug mode kill button. (since I would of been murdered there)
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I just started making them 2 days ago I'm new this kinda thing so hopefully I will grow better and strong as I experiment ever time I start recording  check them out.


I'm recording ep 5 in 720 becuses I hear it is the best way to display video on you tube.
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As most of you know there was a hacker on the internet that claimed he found a way to hack a PS3 and you might know him as Geohot and in response to this claim sony removed the other OS system option out the old PS3's with an update to try to cover up any security holes but in response Geohot is seem to be pushing back.


I heard theirs going to be another update today. This seems to be getting heated and we're getting dragged with it.

so what is your take on this. I think it was wrong for sony to remove the Other OS option. Looks like when he releases the fix I might just get it.... after seeing if anyone gets banned first.
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I've been following this game for along time and as for what I seen and played from the demo of this game it lived up to my expectations. As you may or may not know I'm big fan on blood and gore games. It felt like i was playing a kill bill movie but with less of a ridicules plot.

(Demo description)The demo starts at table where two men meet for an exchange. Turns out that you (Rubi) where suppose to be in that trade and the other man was impostor that end the trade with a bullet and now you give chases to obtain the item.

I was Impressed by the amount of blood and decapitation that this game had and the music made the game so bad ass.  The graphics where on par with any other game you would see out there. I'm probability going to be picking this up.

I Wanted to know your Impression of the demo.

Also if you don't feel like playing it here is a video of the demo.

the end of this video is one of the best things about this game supposedly if she gets wet with blood she goes crazy.

Edit: The game comes to the US September 15, 2009 and to Eur September 18, 2009
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Yesterday I found a video of thirteen min. of uncut and unedited video Demo of God of War III which is on this site PS3 fanboy it prttey much where I get a lot of my game updates form.

Tell me what you guys think and enjoy the gore. I'm hoping this is not any old news to you guys, But the graphics are looking amazing and the finishers are Jaw dropping. Yha I know we all saw video before of the game but a lot of that was edit together and was like in game movie kind of deal.
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So here is what happened I bought 5 quarts of motor oil about two months ago. It was full and not opened and I throw it in the back floor of my car. about one month and half latter I was going shopping and needed to use the back of my car an love and behold about 2.5 quarts (give or take) was on my floor and some of the oil was left in the container witch was about half full. I placed the container on the ground…..  A few days letter when I had the money I bought kitty litter and placed it on the floor of my car.

You may ask me why did I do something like that and I will tell you why? Well when I was in my teens I want to a vocational school. Witch I want there for Diesel and When there is oil on the ground we put kitty litter on it. Witch will soak up the oil with time.

 So I thought in theory this should work. Few days go by and I bought a Shop Vac to suck it all up and for the most part the kitty litter worked excepts the carpet still has good amount of oil in it. What I’m asking for is suggestions on how to get the oil off my carpet?

Hell or maybe you might have a story on the same subjected and you may divulge it here on this topic.
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