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The mysterious Malice King has conquered the land; rumors of his hatred race from ear to ear. Knights and nobles who dare challenge their new king are dispatched side by side; their haunted souls feeding the Malice King's might. The world cries for a hero to stop the unstoppable, to bring hope back to the land. Challenge evil alone or gather three heroes to fight by your side!

Dego is a dungeon crawler for 1 to 4 players. This action RPG revolves around exploring and collecting, and features a simple, pick-up-and-play combat system that emphasizes player skill and teamwork over stat points.

Create a custom character
Choose your hair, clothing, accessories, and class. Battle monsters to earn stat points and find more clothes inside treasure chests.  :fogetsmile:

Collectible equipment
Dego features three main types of weapons: melee, range, and magic. Each weapon will have different bonuses and special attack.  :fogetcool:

Dungeons will have multiple paths, hidden rooms, puzzles, and bosses.  :fogetgasp:


Latest Video

Website and Demo Download

Official Website

Download the Demo, and fast

Okay GamingWorld, tell me what you think! And check out the website for more screens/videos  :fogetnaughty:
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Just out of curiosity, is that a TBS?

Edit: To elaborate, is the battle system that of FF:Tactics, Valkyrie Profile, etc? ... or is it just an ABS?
How about no!? You are an idiotic version of a baboon.
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This is an ABS. The combat is pretty simple to pick up and be decent at since some of my friends who I'm making this for aren't the best gamers. But there's still a lot to learn from experience, like discovering enemy attack patterns and making your own.