Help Faceset and battle char request (Read 456 times)

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Hey everyone, I have been trying to make a battler for a char in my game and a faceset to, but i keep failing horribly :(

here is what the char set looks like so far

(Please don't just steal it's one of my few good edit attempts :P)

Any way, if any one could help me make a battle char and a faceset for him it would be appreciated . here is all i have so far

feel free to edit the normal stance in anyway you want to. it stinks! Just try to keep them in the rudra style. Also here is what i would like for the facesets to be like

in that style. Any help is thanked and credited, i would give more if i could but there isn't much I can do. Thanks every one

EDIT: I KNOW i put this in request, can a mod move it for me!
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