Drugs Best Anti-virus and Anti-spyware (Read 808 times)

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So, I just want to get opinions on this:

Which antivirus is the best: Avast, AntiVir or Nod32? Or do you chaps have a better idea?

Also, what would you recommend to use as an anti-spyware program?
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I haven't really used anything other than AVG which I haven't had a problem with.  However, from what I've heard, antivir is pretty decent and so is Nod32, haven't really heard much about avast, but then again I haven't really heard about much about them as a whole since I mostly just stuck to AVG for when I'm in my windows partition, and most of the time I'm in OSX anyways, so it doesn't particularly matter.
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This is the one I'm curerently using
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if you need an anti-spyware program best way to keep your computer spyware free would be to get yourself a guest account and remove all privileges.
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I'm a big fan of Darkjak Anti-Virus, its truly the strongest of them all.  But im the only one who has it because he gave it to me.
Does anyone else miss Darkjak....feel like im alone here :(
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