Poetry [Completerized] Saga Mara Talon (Read 294 times)

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Saga Mara Talon

Saga Mara Talon is a game about some people killing a bad thing called Talon. You can download it here. It requires the RPGMaker VX RTP.

Explore, loot, and customize in a fast-paced coffee break RPG/board game. Choose where you fight and which bosses to defeat to advance North on the game archipelago, eventually making your way to Talon itself.

Your characters have stats, and due to the naming conventions of the buffs/debuffs I managed to create the skill "Wind Breaker" completely by accident. That's how awesome this game is.

-Fast-paced gameplay; beat the game in less than six hours
-Customize the skills of ten characters
-Switch your party at any time - even in battle - to take down vicious bosses
-Open world lets you train and loot where you want, when you want
-Intelligent enemies study your weaknesses and know your strengths

Please note that the game is fairly difficult. Remember to explore, use your items, and most importantly switch up your party if the going's rough. I do not recommend Hard mode for your first playthrough!
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