Adventure Game Idea - Dreamscape (Working Title) (Read 187 times)

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Hello everyone, new guy here.

After reading about dream interpretation, and playing LSD for the Playstation, I have an idea for a game. What I'd like from you guys are suggestions for new features / locations / gameplay mechanics that I could consider throwing into the mix.  :fogetcool:


The game centres around a young girl, Alice, who has the power to shape reality around her (although she doesn't realise this immediately) after having a traumatic incident. Her older sister disappeared, but her soul is tied to this world and is trying to communicate something to her through her dreams. It's up to Alice to explore her dreams (and eventually the dreams of others) in order to uncover the mystery of her sister.


There are two different realms, reality and the dreamworld which can be explored each night. The game works by having Alice follow a normal routine during the day, and being able to explore the dream realm at night.



During Mon-Fri, Alice attends a small school and has various lessons. These lessons would take the form of minigames, although you can choose to play truant if you like.


Alice's house, which can be explored freely. At the end of every 'day', Alice is in her bedroom, where she can go to sleep and enter the dream realm.

Dream Realms

There are a variety of dream realms that can be accessed immediately; some have to be 'unlocked' in order to access them. Dream realms are either 'personal' (a specific character's dreams) or 'collective' (shared experiences of a set group, like Alice's class etc.)

By interacting with people / things in dream realms, it can be possible to gain powers / items that can be used in reality. This can unlock new areas, or further the plot.

Examples :

Locker key (found in Lost Realm) : will open an unused locker in the school.
Hate Ring (found in Alec's Realm) : will scare monsters away when equipped.

As you can see, this idea is just starting to take shape. Anything constructive you guys have to add would be great!  :fogetbackflip: