RPG Sin Eternal Demo v.1 (Read 435 times)

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Hello guys. I just finished a short demo of my tkgame! I really hope you guys like it. Even a little bit o.o

Download link:

INFO - In this demo, you go on a very important mission involving demons. Your boss doesn't really tell you what your mission is, so you have to find your teammates to get any info.


- Use arrow keys to move.
- "A" Key is your comfirm for the menu
- "S" is the back key.
- Press any keep to scroll the message windows.

-Sometimes, battle hud vanishes.
- Enemies do zero damage.

With the bugs, it's really hard to tell if it's my fault, or the RpgToolkit's fault.
Another problem is with items. For some reason, I cannot have more than 1 sprite on a board. So that's why the character's sprites aren't on the board for most of the game. I'm pretty sure that I am using the commands correctly. Maybe someone could post what code that use?

Also, if you guys could tell me what bugs you encounter, that would be appreciated! I didn't really have time to bugtest! Thanks in advance. Hope you like.

Character Info:
Character Info:

Name: Ryuu ( ?????)

Race: Human
Weapon: Swords
Special: White Magic
Hobbies: Helping others
Info: Ryuu’s birthplace isn't known by anyone. Not even by him. He doesn’t even know his parents. Since he was little, he lived on the streets, with no one to take care of him. He feels that people in the city are too greedy, and feels hatred whenever he thinks about the people that walk round him.

Name: Zayzay ( Xzarren Wilds)

Race: Human
Weapon: Guns /Launchers
Special: Black Magic
Info: Born in the city of 'Sphere", Xzarren was an only child. On her birthday, when she turned 13, her family was killed in a freak accident, and she left on the streets of the city homeless. Two years later, she was discovered, and adopted by Xavier, for her unique fighting capabilities.Now, she fights, to protect the innocents harm.




Cure - Restores an  1/8th of total hp!

Esuna - Cures target of all status effects!


Fire - Does Fire-elemental damage! Fire strong against Ice

Blizzard - Does Ice-elemental damage! Ice strong against  Fire

Thunder - Does electrical-elemental damage! Electric strong against Water


Protect - Cuts physical dealt to the target damage in half!

Haste - Increases the speed of the target for some time!

Shell - Cuts magic damage dealt to the target in half!


Poizon - Deals damage, and poisons the target for 3 rounds!

Silence - Restricts target from using magic capabilities for 3 rounds!


Potion - Restores 200 hp!

Hi-Potion - Restores 1000 hp!

Fastfoot - Increases targets speed for some time!

PhoenixDown - Revives character from ko!

- Fried Codes -
brawl: 1848-1345-8316
wii: 5904-3233-6495-7865

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Looks pretty cool. Downloading!
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I downloaded it. It's not bad but first off I found a bug: The battle animations are on black backgrounds which I'm assuming are supposed to be transparent, but they aren't. Also, not a bug but, movement speed seems almost painfully slow--if there was a run button, I couldn't find it.

As far as the gameplay goes, it's not bad at all, but it's just not terribly inspired. I look at the spells and I instantly know I've been playing with those same mechanics for years with the Final Fantasy series. You've got your good ol' Attack, Magic, Item commands in a battle system that's not unlike a default side-view system. There doesn't seem to be very much originality when it comes to the battle system.

If a game is running on a formulaic, Final Fantasy-style system, then it should have a great story to make the game enjoyable, but there wasn't much story yet. I didn't beat the demo or anything, I downloaded it shortly before work so I just did a few battles.

All in all, I'd like to see more about the game and play some more, but you could consider spicing up the battles with some unique stuff not from Final Fantasy. And I noticed you used some Final Fantasy XIII music, so maybe you could take some themes from that game. No MP being the largest. Allow Black Mages to be Black Mages. A Black Mage that has to use Attack is not fun.

Graphically, I liked the game :) The sprites are fun and colorful and the backgrounds looked good. The UI stuff is sharp, though some of the text is a little strange--small letters with odd spacing.

Anyway, keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing more about the game!
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  Thanks for even trying this thing out. I'll try and do something different from Final Fantasy, though it was a big inspiration for me, and that's pretty much what I was aiming for. I wanted a simple to play game, with an ok story. I do understand where you're coming from. As for the speed, it's the rpgtoolkit's engine that acts wonky on different computers. While the walking is fine on my computer, it could be a different story on another computer.

 As for the story, I really didn't want to get into the story yet. I kinda wanted to focus on the systems in the game. I'm releasing a demo update later. Maybe I'll expand on the story in that update. It is something that I really want to get into in the next demo. I'm really glad you liked the graphics. I'm an artist, so that means a lot :P

Thanks for taking your time...

- Fried Codes -
brawl: 1848-1345-8316
wii: 5904-3233-6495-7865

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Oh man I remember this game. Still looks amazing too, you should also add this at RMN. More exposure is always good.