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- A crossover fanfic
- A dark comedy
- Actually good (I hope)

- Complete shit (again, I hope!)

- A working computer

- The RPG Maker VX RTP
- The RPG Maker VX program


                A young girl gave up her very life to save the world from massive destruction… only to reawaken in a world far more terrifying than the one she died to save.


               Buffy Anne Summers was once a fierce warrior. As the Vampire Slayer, she fearlessly combated against the deadliest of vampires, demons, gods, corrupted government agents and saved her hometown Sunnydale from several apocalypses. Unfortunately, Buffy has since lost all of her memories and her sense of self. Teaming up with Dean Winchester, Buffy races to piece together the mysteries behind herself and this world, and to hopefully find a way back home. But little does she know that she is all but a minor part in someone’s much larger (i.e. evil) scheme.

Cast: (Demo Version only)

Buffy Summers
Once a fierce warrior and feared among demons in her original world, she has lost all memories of her former self and fights to return things to normal. She's mostly a sweet young woman, although is prone to sarcasm. She's strong willed, determined and focused, if a little dense at times.
How to recruit

Dean Winchester
In his original world, he and his brother were powerful demon hunters. Unlike Buffy, he remembers his life on the "other side" and wants to find his brother at all costs. He can easily be mistaken for a mindless brute, but he is actually quite intelligent, possessing adequate knowledge about the occult. He's a loyal ally, if brutally honest, and has a tendency to make inappropriate jokes.
How to recruit

Ash J Williams
Ash was once an average S-Mart employee until a trip to a cabin changed his life forever. He was sent into a demon realm, treated as a slave until gaining enough strength to become a demon lord himself. He is desperate to return to his kingdom and is willing to do whatever it takes to get there.
How to recruit
Choose to keep him after getting rid of the Vexicon spawn

Heather Lagenkamp
In the real world, she was an actress who received her big break by starring in the original "A Nightmare on Elm Street." After some strange occurrences that transpired during the taping of the final film in the series, Heather took time off to focus on her family. She was ready to return to cinema, until a car accident lead her into this nightmarish world. Heather desires to return home, but she knows she has to do this discreetly.
How to recruit
She will join your party during the Craven Estate sequences and will stay with you unless you choose to go to Satellite Tower without her

Born a half-God and half-human, Hercules possess strength well beyond any human who's ever lived. He is noble and wise well beyond his years, and is always focused on the larger picture. In his original world, he protected the helpless of the wickedness that threatened them. However, the lack of helpless citizens to protect in this world has left him feeling a little lost and purposeless...
How to recruit
When entering Route 1428 for the first time, follow Buffy's instincts. Assist Hercules in the battle, and he will join you. Save Xena and you will have the option of recuiting him, or Xena.

Once a powerful and merciless killing machine, Xena saw the error of her ways and began to fight for redemption. This endeavor forced Xena to go through many trials and tribulations, but aloyal companion remained by her side through it all, and they eventually became lovers. However, Xena has strangely seemed to regress to her earlier ways, can she be helped?
How to recruit
First, assist Hercules in defeating the demons. Defeat her at the end of the Route 1428 but choose not to kill her. Take her body back to Rham Jas in Moonshadow and she can be recruited afterward.

Rham Jas
A young psychic and exorcist, who once tried to save a young woman from having her soul undeservedly dragged to hell after being cursed by a gypsy. Despite his best efforts, he failed the young woman and has never been able to forgive himself for it. Since then, Jas has been longing for the opportunity to redeem himself and perhaps try once more to save the young woman. Is he up for the challenge?
How to recruit
First, you need to complete the Route 1428 quest. After saving Xena, you will have the opportunity to allow him into your party. Keep in mind, you don't need to have Xena nor Hercules in your party to recruit him.

-> Can choose up to eight playable characters out of a cast of twelve, and can switch them in and out of battle at will.
-> Sandbox style gameplay. You can choose how much of the game's content you wish to see (full-game only).
-> Can obtain up to four possible endings
-> Semi-customize your characters by designating them to the weapon (or weapons) of your choice. Some characters can have up to 30-40 skills bare minimum, while others can have close to a hundred
-> A fast-paced dark yet comedic storyline

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/rdaqkogjzb8urir/%3DANISC%3D%20%5BDemo%20Version%5D.zip

Constructive criticism is of course encouraged! Tell me what sucks so I can make it not-suck for the full game release.


SCRIPTS - Wortana, Vanfly Engine, Mithran, DeadlyDan, Bulletxt
battle anims - TimmahX
Music - System Shock 2, ObsCure II, Silent Hill, Silent Hill 2, Bomberman 64, Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers, Fatal Frame 3
Window Skins - Woratana, Aindra, Wulf
graphics -  Zeroplumbers, Adamhx
Fred Krueger - Hiro Harvest Wolf
Character Sprites - Vechs, Blake, various members of RPG Maker VX community

Complete Chaos [Full Game available!][/url] (No RTP required)
Also try out my demo: A Nightmare in Sunnydale, California
MMZ [Short Demo Available][/url]
VANITY[demo version][/url]