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In Praise of Peace


For two years, the war has raged on, becoming almost a simple afterthought in the minds of the common folk. There are those who know better, however, and wish to understand it - and then there are those who understand and seek to take out the root of the conflict altogether.

In a story of wars both political and personal, a young man, Padrick Delaney, has declared himself the savior of the country Salenar. A young woman, Carmilla Argot, recently turned head of the private investigations network called the Argot Night, has decided that she must be the one to uncover the motivation of the so-called savior.

Padrick's fellow members of Salvation, his group of anti-war radicals, have set in motion a chain of events that will change the course of war - and the country - tremendously. In a race against time, Salvation and the Argot Night must collide in order to uncover the secrets of Salenar...

-Engage in strategic Charge Time battles, akin to Final Fantasy X and Exit Fate
-Customize characters by attaching Gems that teach new skills
-Experience a dark and personal story of betrayal and retribution

This demo covers the first three chapters of the game, but some of the menus aren't 100% perfect. The reason is because this is kind of a "game dump;" I made a few hours of the game a while ago and then stopped. I finally decided to release it as-is. Have fun and enjoy, but understand that it is not perfectly polished. It is, however, very playable.

Also, there is some minor swearing and cases of homosexuality. If that offends you, grow up.

Please visit the RMN page.
Also, the disclaimer above is meant to be read. Not every little detail is perfect or finished, but the game itself is completely playable and hopefully up to snuff. I'm probably never working on this again; it's just a release since a lot of people on RMN were interested.