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I want to buy this CPU cooler:

But I have an LGA 1156 socket. Some websites list this as being compatible with the LGA 1156 socket, Newegg (and other websites) do not. Can someone comment on whether or not this will work with my LGA 1156 socket based on the mounting hardware pictures?

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Hit Ctrl and F to bring up find then put in 1156 and a reviewer said something about this.

But I will post it for you just because
Pros: Push/pull format is still the best way to go with air, and poses fewer risks than liquid cooling. This cooler is also far cheaper than than the 212, V8, or H70 solutions.

Cons: None so far.

Other Thoughts: Contrary to what the Details say, the newer versions of this cooler come with brackets to fit socket 1156 processors; which is great because I just bought the i7 870.

Hell the next page another reviewer

Pros: This thing works great. On my i5 750, it dropped my idle temps by 10* at stock speed. My idle temps are high 30s to 40*. Under load, I'm still only in the high 40s. I will be doing some gaming on it this week to check those temps but I expect nothing short of fantastic results. On the stock cooler while gaming, my temps were in the high 60s.

The instructions were very clear for socket 1156/1366. I'm not sure why people are having trouble. Even without instructions, I could have figured it out very easily.

Cons: Each fan has a 3-pin connector, but Cooler Master provides a 2x 3-pin to 1x 3-pin adapter so you can plug them both to one CPU or SYS fan spot on the motherboard. Unfortunately, in the case of my adapter, the single plug doesn't make a proper connection. I had to connect it to a 3-pin to molex adapter and shove a small piece of paper in between the 3-pin connection in order to put pressure on it so it would make contact and allow the fans to spin. I wrapped it with electrical tape so it doesn't come apart.

Other Thoughts: I would recommend this cooler for sure. It's a big boy but it fit in my Antec Three Hundred case with Gigabyte H55M-UDH2 motherboard with room to spare.

Would you like for me to find more reviewer on new egg saying it also works on 1156 by using simple research. :fogetnaughty:
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Mounting bracket attachments is the new black yo.
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