News Two new mods (and also you can now edit your posts) (Read 225 times)

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We've got two new mods for two new programming subforims; Doros Scandia (XNA) and Pixel Rebirth (Construct). They've been writing a lot of cool stuff, so head on over and check it out pals.

Once the new skin is up their stuff will get more attentions through ads etc.

P.S. leafo convinced me to lift the grace period for post editing, so you can all edit your posts as usual again.
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Congratulations dudes.

Especially Doros [I can only assume this is to do with his DMing ability rather than anything to do with tutorials; a GOOD DM IS WORTH HIS WEIGHT IN XNA CODE!!!
Hey hey hey
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Grats fellas.

Speaking of the new skin...are there any updates and/or estimates on when it will be done?
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Thanks again Drule! I am sort of just writing about what I feel flows together, let me know or post in XNA if you have anything that you want me to cover!
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Speaking of the new skin...are there any updates and/or estimates on when it will be done?
I don't know, the original path was to completely restructure the forum and make it more like a site, but it turns out that SMF's templating system is horrible and completely unintuitive. Right now I'm trying different solutions and I guess in worst case I'll have to fall back to just changing the color schemes a là the old forums, though I don't really see the point in spending weeks skinning something that's going to end up looking just as bad except in a different shade of blue.

So yeah, no definite answer yet. I guess 2-6 weeks depending on what's the most viable way.
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Just saw this thread now. Thanks again for the trust!

Doros puts me to shame with his great XNA tutorials though. Very well done, dude!
Maybe I should make an effort to translate my german Construct beginner's tutorial and post it here.