Music some MIDIS I did for MGS fangame in 2003 (treesock game) (Read 150 times)

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ancient history

but yeah some tracks are total crap the tracks called MGSTEFxx.mid are more sort of ideas and the other ones are probably more complete. Might be some repeat tracks too renamed for convenience. I know there was supposed to be two chapters/parts, I think part one you played as Snake and MGSTEF4 and TEFALERT were probably supposed to be the corresponding sneaking/alert mode tracks for that part of the game. The second part you were Otacon (by the end I think you were supposed to be Otacon for the whole game) and Underground.mid and Battle1.mid were the corresponding tracks for that area. I also wanted to do the sort of generative/modifications of tracks like every MGS starting with the second one did according to the alert/caution/etc. whatever all those modes were. Not sure how this would've worked in rpgmaker I think I did have some way of accomplishing this with MIDI control codes though

MGSTEF4.mid is some kind of remix of the sneaking around theme from Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake btw

also the plot there really wasn't much of a plot because CREATIVE DIFFERENCES or something all I remember was it was in some desert environment because every other game is like some jungle even though desert is not really good concept for STEALTH game I dunno. And Revolver Ocelot was the bad guy again something happens bad cutscenes in rpg maker quality I think there was some kind of biological weapon Ocelot is threatening the president with too terrorisms

also lol they stole my idea for the first alert theme for Snake Eater maybe not really