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maybe vellfire tooo

You post a 3DO game and you have to call me a maybe?  You daft fool -.-

dumping these




that 3DO game is really good! i didn't know about 3DO games but i kind of recognised the style from an old trailer i saw once for the playstation 1 game of "alien resurrection" a kind of strangely crisp and hi-def version of lowpoly models and textures maybe?? ramci showed me some music recently which was like that strange midpoint between old chiptune and newer game music with more channels and sounds available, where the result was music that kind of had a chiptune STRUCTURE but the sounds making it up were all oddly textured synths which sounded sort of blurred. I'm not explaining it very well but
i dont want to keep obsessing over old n64 games (actually i totally do but the urge must be fought!) but these are kind of what I mean. you could easily picture them as just being generic rpg chiptune soundtrack but the actual component sounds are a little too rich so it all sounds oddly empty and incoherent.
edit: much like this post

those could both literally be Mr. Show music

I think this is what was intended but they didn't do anything clever to work around the limitations of N64



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