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Trying to build a website in Dreamweaver at the moment, but I can't seem to get the float command in my CSS sheet to work properly. I have a table on the left side of the screen in one div tag, and another table in a second div tag. I can't seem to get the second div tag to float on the right of the first.

Anyway know how I can fix this?

Also why don't we have hide tags anymore?
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First off, it will be impossible to help you without looking at your code. I also don't think you should use a WYSIWYG program like Dreamweaver. It's much better to just code your site from scratch in a text editor like Notepad++.

If you get on IRC (#saltw at we can probably help you.

Also, custom bbcode like hide tags will be added at a later point.
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You can learn a lot from observation too. Make sure you have the web developer plugin for firefox, it enables you to dissect pretty much any web page allowing you to systematically enable and disable tags so you can learn how things are placed etc. There's a button you can press to indicate the bounding boxes of tables and divs etc.

Drule is quite right when he says don't use a layout editor like DW. You're just setting yourself up for a lot of confusion later on when your layout randomly shits itself. I started with WYSIWYG but matured to raw code. Notepad++ with port of ruby blue theme is my weapon of choice. There's an FTP plugin for it too although Filezilla is a lot easier to set up and understand if you're new.
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I don't know about how good this code is or if it follows good form or w/e, but I more or less learned CSS from looking at the layouts on this site.  It has really barebones templates for a lot of the layouts people want and, although I can't tell entirely based on what you said, I think it has what you're trying to do.  Either way it might be good to take a look so you can see some simple CSS in context.
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