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Hello saltines and GWers past, after 4 years of working on this album I finally did a preliminary demo on it last week. The quality is pretty weak, so I'm not going to post the whole thing, but I figured I'd share a song off of it to show you guys what's comin':'%20Pretty.mp3

My band is called Doctor Hippopotamus, and the album is called Bitter River. The song is called Sittin' Pretty, and is the first real song on the album (after a 30-second intro acoustic piece). Here's the album tracklist:

+ Doctor Hippopotamus - Bitter River +

All music and lyrics by Chris Power (Me) & Caleb Burns (Friend of mine - Also co-wrote The Simians with DrunkenZombie and me).

+ Tracklist: +

01. I Forgot
02. Sittin' Pretty
03. My Number is Three
04. The Heresy!
   - Pt. I. Evening
   - Pt. II. The Destroyer
   - Pt. III. Twilight
   - Pt. IV. Who Bleeds
   - Pt. V. The Bitter River
   - Pt. VI. Midnight
05. The Happy Song
06. Herkimer
07. For Free
08. Stark & Raving
09. And I Know
10. Kingmaker
11. I Won't Forget

Here's the lyrics to the song itself:

+ 02. Sittin' Pretty +

Prey to misfortune,
Shit outta luuuck!
Why ya tryin' to go and take the blame now honey?
Nobody told you to stop the buck (was it the),
Dreadlock jockeys always comin' through your station,
Just like prehistoric postmen with aggressive information?

Now I don't mean to bitch about my slice of bread,
But I be feelin' just a bit deceived!
Tried to make a livin' livin',
But it wasn't such a given,
As the artists done had me believe.
Those metallic presbytarians,
Who wish someone was listenin' in,
Calypso and the Mexican!

Sailin' on the cosmic breeze,
Swimmin' through them solar seas,
The universe aint never ever gonna ask for please,
So come and catch a little taste of your reality!
When your walls a'start'a meltin' and your stars go blind,
Make peace with the impermanence and you might find,
If it's the end of our kind,
Well trust me we all don't mind,
To us it's just a million year vacation!

A billion year vacation friend,
'Til my space-flyin', dust-ridin' dust rides again!

Kickin' and a'fightin' through the market square,
Without a single reason to be found!
Pushin' through the counters like there's no one there,
They hit the pavement with an awful sound.
Used to feel the minutes so god damn long,
But now I can't find the time to even finish this --

Some general notes:

 - These recordings were done over a period of 6 days. 16 songs in 6 days meant I had no time to re-record them or fix many of the errors, I had to keep moving
 - The whole thing was done on a $10 mic, so the quality/mixing is pretty weak
 - I fucked up my laptop by accident at the end, so didn't have the original projects to re-mix to slightly better quality
 - I recorded this entirely myself, all instruments, all vocals - As a result of working alone, it wasn't you know, MASTERFULLY done
 - I've never done a recording or demo like this in my life, so I was no pro at it
 - I am very unlikely to be the actual vocalist - These are laid down to give a vocalist the idea of what I'm looking for. Bear that in mind whenever you're like 'Damn, this dude sucks!'

So yeah, due to the nature of the recordings I'm only going to post the first. But it'll give you an idea of what's to come anyways. I'll be doing a proper, real demo over the next 3-6 months. Hopefully even sooner. I just did these so I could hear the songs, more or less. But hey, why not get some thoughts?

So hit me with it GW, give me your thoughts! If you're looking to disparage, just read the notes first. I don't care about the quality/mixing/etc. because I can't do much to help them. More interested in thoughts on the material itself.

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P.S. The sample at the beginning of the song is from the 2009 film Black Dynamite.