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So my dvd drive doesn't work and I'm dying to reformat my windows to windows 7. RIght no i'm using linux and I plan on formatting the windows partition using an external hard drive, i've already read up, and it's possible by making a partition in the external and putting there the files in the windows iso.
The problem is that on GParted, the original partition has the flag 'boot' which I believe means that when I choose the usb as boot device on the bios setup, it will boot the original partition. Which isn't th eplan since i'm supposed to boot from the new partition i made which contian the windows installation.
So I ask how do I boot from this new partition, right now, i'm still partitioning and moving the partitions of the external, it will take some while but I need to know how to cause there doesn't seem to be an option on gparted on changing the boot partition. Also i've already tried google. :)
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when you install windows it'll either ask or by default change wherever its installed to to the boot partition, probably. it could also be the case that it's not an option because it's not an option, if your external was fat32 i think you can't boot from a partition that starts past 8gb on the drive or something.
also i'm pretty sure windows needs to be installed to a primary partition to boot from, but it's something that should come up in the install process