Games Bio Guardian: New Game Release (Read 145 times)

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Hello to all.

It has been a long journey for me. But finally i have completed my first commercial game. I think it can be better but i am happy with the result. What do you think?

Bio Guardian

Take the control of S-NMA [Scalpel ][/Scalpel] and begins a fantastic journey through a microscopic world.

Discover the root of the evil that threatens to end the life of Nimbos inhabitants while you try to discover your own secrets.

  • 6 challenging levels.
  • Personalized Game Experience: play with one hand, fight against inertia or select Turbo Mode
  • +18 different chassis to personalize your machine
  • +20 Different enemy designs
  • +10 Power Ups
  • +10 Different weapons
  • Multiple boss combats
  • Immersive screen filters

Game Trailer

Game Demo

I accept any sugerences and advices, specially about the game, marketing and game submissions.