Writing Chain Story (Read 129 times)

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So I got this idea from a few sites that do the same. The basic premis is simple, you just write something to continue the previous story. No rules on length, theme or style but it must be obviously connected to the previous post in some way.

I figure not much people will do but I hope cause I was thinking of interesting ways to practice my writing. Anyway, I'll start:

It was almost nighttime and Gerry was sitting on the corridor sofa waiting intently for the door to open.
An hour has passed. Basher walked walked out of the room.

"So.. How was it?" Gerry asked. "Is she pretty?"

"We got an issue, " Basher said, "they want the package by tomorrow."

"I see." Gerry said, "Well, is she pretty?"

Basher threw the phone to his partner.

"Call Mikky, we might need additional firearms."

"Bad luck streak huh." Gerry said, "We killing?"

"If guns have other purposes then no." Basher said, "Any specific request then ask away."

The two walked down the corridor towards the elevator.

"Hm, wish we could try out those new models from Nick."

"They told us wait until next month." Basher said, "If you have no more questions,
then call him and let's start the preparations."

"Well Bash I was wondering," Gerry said, "Is the boss pretty?"