Movies [FOUND] Movie with High School setting (Read 122 times)

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I'm trying to recall this old movie I watched back as a kid. It was in a high school where these kids were turned "perfect" after being put into some school program which the principal controlled.

The story started with a new kid arriving at the high school and he is befriended with a kind of punk/goth guy they turn out to be really good friends then the goth/punk kid starts to tell the new kid a conspiracy happening in the school, starts to mention a program that made his goth/punk friends into preps and they ended up getting good grades, they dressed better(preppy) and basically didn't hang out with the goth/punk kid anymore.

Stuff I remember:
- At the time I remember it came on Channel 5 in the UK.
- I remember a scene where the janitor has put some kind of radio that emits this high pitched screech.

- The goth/punk and the new kid is walking on the beach and I remember that the goth/punk kid was saying how he was not gonna let his parents put him into the school program and then he took out a handgun and said how he threatened to kill them if he was forced, in which the new kid tries to persuade him and disarms him and the goth/punk kid is pissed says "FUCK" and both go home.

Nevermind I found it, it's called "Disturbing Behaviour"
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This looks so cheesy and horrible.  I wanna see it.
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watched it, pretty good i thought.
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should have put that note saying you found it at the beginning of that topic.