Music [EP/Single]DJ Saint-Hubert - Black Lime Room / Harlequin Great Dane (Read 129 times)

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Jack of all trades DJ Saint-Hubert embarks on a completely different musical journey this time around. Using highly sophisticated generative techniques, he concocts two epic soundscapes that once again explore the darker side of electronic(a). Black Lime Room could almost be a horror movie soundtrack recreated through synths, but the electronic textures give it a stranger atmosphere than that. True to its name, sour noises create frictionally tangy tone clusters that are delicious as they are frightening. The suspense builds over more than an hour of music that automatically unfolds through complex and advanced computer algorithms. It is impossible to tell whether the feeling building is tension or just an ever-increasing strangeness. Granular bits of sound give the track the structure of a grotesque metallic tumbleweed floating in an ocean of phosphorescent goo. The B-side Harlequin Great Dane goes for a more chilled-out atmosphere at least by comparison. It also has more structure with a crunchy drum machine beat leading the way, subconsciously injecting small variations each time, making for a confusing mazelike rhythm. Sudden tempo changes also keep things interesting while various detuned synths interact with each other, unpredictably shifting from tension to release. A distorted voice recites the alphabet to infinity and lend a feel of zombified hip-hop to the track, in addition to a pronounced tranciness. Unlike the first track which simply lurches on, this has a precise feeling of progression which seems to bore deeper and deeper into the fear center of your brain. Let it sink into the background as you become strangely terrified by internet banner ads! Fun for the whole family!

pretty experimental stuff even for me. The first track kind of sounds like Resident Evil 4 music admittedly but I didn't even know I could compose stuff like that. Second track is way more IDM/weird shit but I think it's pretty rewarding if you find the groove of it