Question How hard are these things to implement in RPGMaker XP? (Read 120 times)

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I have a few ideas for a game, and I'm not sure if two features are within the scope of the XP engine (especially for someone with very limited scripting experience):

  • Instead of save points, I'd like for the player to have something in their inventory that they can pull out at certain points which will open up a link to another map which contains their bed, a shop keeper, and some other things which can be added and improved through quests (in game it will be called a 'pocket dimension')
  • I'd also like to use environmental damage, which used to be a standard feature in the engine, but it looks like they've taken it out.  How hard is it to add?
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The first one is easy, I did something like it years ago.. just have it remember player map and x/y position on use, then teleport, then have the teleport event for returning go to the memorized map/x/y co-ordinates.