Music Poizen Jam - Spread (EP) + More! (Read 140 times)

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So I've gotten a lot better at the producing thing, and though I haven't posted in a while, some people liked my stuff. My first track ever was released as part of a Troubador album, so I figured it made sense to come back here!

Anyways, you can listen to Poizen Jam - Spread over at Soundcloud, plus some new tracks:

Spread Album:
1. Monarken: I'm Fucked Up (Poizen Jam Remix)
2. Poizen Jam - Land of Monsters
3. Poizen Jam - Machine Men
4. Poizen Jam - House of Kong
5. Poizen Jam - Spread

And my latest track, a remix of LMFAO:

LMFAO - Sexy and I Know it (Poizen Jam Remix)

Enjoy! :D