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hello and welcome to
treat fighter
a game where button mashing not only works, but is encouraged!  This topic is dedicated to my jam entry from last week which I kind of want to work on more but will have to take a backseat for a few weeks at least as I have to catch up on other projects.  
Here's some screens:
some things I want to do are:
  • story mode vs the arcade style survival mode
  • physics, I want frankenstein to be able to throw people
  • weapons and more attacks in general
  • I really wanted to have like a troubadours music shop or something in the background along with other things to pay homage to many past cool gamingw/saltw events and groups.
the game can be played here: page:
I recently made a few balance adjustments and some fixes, hopefully now it's a little harder to just stay up against the wall.
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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street punx are jerks, but at least they have the generosity to not to gang up on you in crowds of more than 3. is there... honor among these thieves?
or maybe they just do not take you seriously enough...
punchy-kicky does get a little dull after a while, but I think with a beat-em-up game, it can be challenging to mitigate that kind of fatigue, specially in a 9 day game project.  maybe having different enemy types w/different kinds of attacks and movement might help?
I will say it helps to mix things up when you get ahold of triple crown (haha, horse joke) and can crush those jorks into delicious candy.
killin' enemies into food items is a proud vidgame tradition I am glad to see upheld
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i'm glad someone got the triple crown thing, I was worried it would go over everyone's head.
I think brawlers/beat'em ups can become very technical with some work since they are basically like fighting games.  It would be cool if you had like, a dash and the ability to cancel a punch into a dash, into a kick back into a dash and etc.  Before any of that though the enemies need new patterns, I def agree with that.
also some music would be nice too, if I only I had any musical talent :(
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haha this is good, the tehcnicalities arent as important as the SPIRIT... welcome to "TRUE MAN'S WORLD"... i think there was something incredibly powerful in beating the living shit out of rampaging street punks and horses (when you beat them, they quip THANKS!! in a strange sound... river city ransom gang commentary and vomiting makes a comeback...) and collecting crowns as a FRANKENSTEIN... vincent van gogh shrieks in frustration like an ape, throws painting eq into the ground, jumps into the streets to fight horses with fists and shoot ears from punks...