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Have you saltsters seen this?
Essentially you create a private blog called a channel which you can invite people to read and comment on. The intent is that you can release dev builds and screenshots to a select group of people to get concentrated feedback before releasing to the world. I think It's a pretty interesting idea. It's for game devs but I'm not making a game right now so I set one up for I plan is to use it as a public to-do list and get feedback on tentative features.
If you want a key for my devsofa just ask, I'll give them to anyone. I know this kind of defeats the purpose but I'm still trying to figure out how I want to use it. - sell your indie games
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an ira glass endorsement on the front page? i'm in.
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this is an awesome idea.  I'll take a key.
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Yeah, I'll throw my hat in that ring. Why the hell not?