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Hello Salt World(?)!
I recently found this forum by scurrying down the rabbit hole that is the internet. Beginning with Indie Statik's Mystery Channel article, then moving on to Game Jolt and Harmony Zone, and finally stumbling my way here. 
I do some illustration and have been forcing HTML5 game development into my brain for a current job. Also attempting to tech myself SDL2 so I can start working on some long-term game goals. 
Hope I can contribute some usefulness to the place! Thanks for not being Facebook!
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Hello it's Birdman here. I no longer make videogames but I'm good at making moolah so i stick around for any potential new business. please stick around and enjoy yourself 
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Hello friend! Welcome to the salty underbelly of the internet!
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hi there!! thanks for stopping by!

it's great that you found this place through association with our last game-jam, it was part of the plan to ensnare new saltists... there are already plans for another jam, towards the end of December (see this thread) if you are interested
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yeah, welcome!  the jam's gonna be the week surrounding christmas and let me tell you, it's gonna be a real humdinger... there's even mystery prizes on the horizon~
if you haven't already, you might wanna check out]the dump topic[/url] and]denz's game archeology thread[/url], they're 2 of the cornerstones of this place's ethos
afterwards we can get you scheduled for a blood ceremony so's you can become Tru Salt  :fogetrockin:
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there's game jam press, gulp!! too much pressure I'm swooning
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Thanks for the welcomes and I will try to get my chops well salted in preparation for the jam!