Games The Putty Squad Conspiracy (Read 134 times)

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Hey guys, Esh here. One of the launch titles for the PS4 in Europe was a rarely heard about SNES title revamped with a HD remake. Things got slightly weird when the press release and trailer advertised it with reviews of the Amiga version, showing that it got scores between 90% and 94% back in 1994 land, and actually showed magazine scans of the reviews. But you know, the Amiga version didn't actually exist and all. Things got weirder with a review from one of the top British newspapers The Daily Mail claiming Putty, an emotionless blue blob as one of the most loved heroes of all time and that it was one of the best games of it's time.
Yeah. This is totally just a "hey check out this video I finished today". Some links about the weirdness too, check out Citizen Cube's analysis too for some fun.
Daily Mail Review:
Citizen Cube's Analysis:
Amiga Release:
Putty Squad Info:
Just ignore the giant face.
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this was good i just don't know what to say about it
the cat is fuckin weird that's something
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I actually had the game as a kid, it was really bad.