QA - Question Two questions about video streaming (Read 185 times)

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1) why do video players lie? I.E., they say they've downloaded so much, but it has to buffer before it's reached that point, why would it have to buffer when the streaming bar show's it having downloaded further then that part it stopped at?
2) why do video player's have a heart attack when you decide to skip ahead? no seriously, I click ahead because I've seen this bit and want to watch like, I don't know 30 mins ahead and they player just.... sits there doing nothing, OR they player refuses to skip ahead and just plays the latest downloaded part? 
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i'd like to know what's up with this too. youtube used to fairly accurately represent how much video had been loaded, then at some point it changed so moving your position at all made it start reloading. i assume it has to do with faster internet connections becoming the norm, so it's not so noticeable if a streaming video has to start loading again, but it seems like a big waste. already-loaded shit gets thrown out all the time. also it'll just stop buffering after a short time instead of loading the entire video, so you can't wait a minute or two and assure smooth playback in situations where your connection is spotty. i don't understand why it changed and i barely remember how it used to work. life has careened out of my comprehension/control
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it's a goddamn conspiracy
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Because nobody has stepped up to program a better way to do it.  :captainplanet:
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Nominate Leafo to fix such an issue. He is a SW hero.
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