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soundcloud playlist:
1. manaboon / skycrumbs / vapors
2. moonjava 3. daises 4. softmarker /
dandelion 5. sundries 6. birdlime /
rosewater 7. (flowerbed) 8. dayblind /
echelon 9. springsong 10. rivertones
this blog may also be of some information;

there are things that i was going to change. there are things that i wanted to add. there are things that i wanted to make better. the feeling started to change. and time continued on. the changes were not honest to the idea. the additions were not genuine. the better became worse. im allowing this to be what it is. there are new things i feel now. new inspiration. new design. and this era is now over for me and i am heading into a new direction with my creation.

i hope this album brings you joy while you cruise in your car on late nights this spring. if not, the album really wasnt for you in the first place. its very unfriendly. bewildering. and vague.

i have also updated the link of fall d_st, a predecessor ep to potpourri flowerbed. which you may download here,
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