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i can't believe i can sign in with this account i made 9 years ago back when thsi was actually an active forum
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 :sombrero:​  :sombrero:​  :sombrero:​  :sombrero:​  :sombrero:​  :sombrero:​  :sombrero:​  :sombrero:​  :sombrero:​  :sombrero:​  :sombrero:​  :sombrero:​  :sombrero:​  :sombrero:
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fuck it all, dd is dead
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Welcome to the Internet please enjoy your stay.
DDay is Dead  I am a dead man typing
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Hey hey hey
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this topic is offensive because of the mexican smileys.

Not all mexicans wear sombreros and have moustaches, they are a hard working people who like to cross borders and then realize that well, fuck...this shit just isn't worth it and then they cross back. Sometimes steal shit and quit. I have been to mexico several times and have not seen a sombrero. Also, as an honorary mexican deemed "guedo, el mexicano" because I "work my ass off like a mexican" (mexicans say that) I can say shit like steal shit and quit, fuck ted cruz, mexico generally sucks donkey dick and that smiley is goddamn predjudiced as shit.

Also I was terrified to go to mexico for a really long time for vacation because I honestly really like it there. I want to go to holbox and playa del carmen because it has considerably less dumbass whitebread americans there. And I was talking about being worried about getting mowed down on a greyhound like bus, robbed, or trafficed. But my buddy geronimo who is a legitimate, bonified mexican told me to not to worry about it because the cartel only kills mexicans and they aren't worried about white boys. Which is really fucked up. And he said his daddy lives in Carolina and don't speak a lick of english whatever that means.
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wow you're right
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As a white male who lives in Arizona, making me an official on Mexican culture, I can say for a fact that literally every Mexican looks exactly like that smiley.
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