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this album is called da da dziej
its five tracks, around 12 minutes long in total length

i had a lot of fun making this album.  i wanted to create something
without over thinking anything and let it be.  there is a lot of sillyness
to it at times, sometimes very choatic, and sometimes clubbish.
glitch is very heavy in this.
if you would like to listen to the album, you can do so at:
bandcamp :
1. well, say hello / no don't mind (3:03)
2. come again ? (1:42)
3. kiss nigh night (3:06)
4. da da (1:56)
5. yours (2:08)
id say the most friendly track on the album is probably come again ?
with the least friendly track being well, say hello.
and da da being my personal favorite.
i hope you enjoy.