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As some of you know, I'm a failing musician, and as a result, have made lots of musics. I ALSO have a youtube page where these failed musics live, 104 tracks written by, recorded, everythinged by me (ego-mania is running wild), covering a wide variety of genres. Here's a bunch of albums in reverse chronological order, please listen to what you can/want, and post any comments you have (even if it's just "lol boner").
The second BBQGibbon album, it is noise, and beats and effects and more noise. The radioactive offspring of Autechre and Throbbing Gristle.

Beats Beats Beats Beats with noise effects. Started with simply messing around until I got ideas for an album project. I like the sounds I got in the track "Martian", which is a NES sounds VST ran through so many effects that it sounds like the martian ships from the 50's War Of The Worlds theme.

Works inspired by traditional Chinese music, for an abandoned and now restarted videogame project. I'm really proud of the track "The Realm Opens". Anyways this is RPGMUSIX

Krautrock, tangerine dreamy in places. Organic Android part two is heavily inspired by the band Magma, sounds nothing like them, but inspired by them!  THIS IS AN INSTRUMENTAL CONCEPT ALBUM about a robot who wants to be treated as human, to be seen as an equal.

As the name suggests, disposed of music. Abandoned projects and unfinished ideas. The guitar solo halfway through "Isolation" is one of my favourites I've done, it just kinda glides along.

Cosmic Rock. That is all this is, with inspirations from Ash Ra Tempel, Acid Mothers Temple and the spacerock kings, Hawkwind. The opening track, "Anti-Life Syndrome", is one of my favourites that I have made, and "Into Infinity" also makes me happy.

Assortment of weird/oddball/experimental/orchestrial/jazz works. Obvious influences being Zappa, Beefheart and The Residents. Not that it sounds anything like them, but they can be easily identified as a point of reference. "Throne Of The Majestic Burger" is like the wet dream of a hamburger final fanatacist.

Yeah, I made a Christmas album, with as much festive cheer as you'd imagine. "The Town Is White With Snow" is actually quite nice I think.

Electronic space music. Chilled. I like it, and still listen to this album. Mostly inspired by Tangerine Dream and Jean Michel Jarre

ABEINSPACE - No Escape From The Other Side Of The Sky
My earliest SPACEROCK musics from back in 2010, created by somebody off their face on painkillers, wine, happy pills and Acid Mothers Temple.

Anybody like slowed chilled out meditation-like drones that feel like you're floating endlessly, effortlessly in space? "Mantra Of The Stars" is a nice 25 minute drone. Close your eyes and listen to it in the lotus position.

My first ever album :0 Inspired by the genius works of Daevid Allen (RIP you crazy space pixie) and his band, Gong, I imagined a scenario where the green planet, Gong, would emerge once again (the band Gong, would do this a few years later with their album 2032... copycats) and spread joy to the world. This is kinda new age/ambient electronica, and the track "Astral Embrace" I highly regard as one of my best.

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and of course i forget to take my headphones to work today.
Do you have a sound cloud Kaworu
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I had a Soundcloud, but nobody listened to it, and you have to pay for having lots of music and other features.
I figured with youtube, nobody will listen to it, but at least I won't have to pay!!