Music nighttime allergies (Read 124 times)

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hi. over the past few months I've been using samples from Wario games, specifically Wario Land 4 and the first few Wariowares, to make songs in Garageband on my phone. I've taken the best ones and put them into this short album. I would compose them late at night in bed so I reccomend they be heard under similar circumstances. please just give it a listen or else you'll be missin (out)

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Great stuff. Mellow and unobtrusive and really textured. Good for the zonings and being-productive-times. Released on my birthday to boot. I listened to the album in a dimly-lit cabin where it's late at night all the time. I'm a longtime fan of Wario games and always dug the rare moodier stuff in their soundtracks, but some of this is downright gloomy and I dig the contrast. I haven't finished Wario Land 4 or any WarioWare other than Smooth Moves, but I finished writing this post.