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in this topic we can all get together and appreciate our material possessions. abandoned video game peripherals from cycle's forgotten, crystal vessels of ancient evils unearthed from thrift stores, cultural detritus scraped off the underbelly of the capitalist machine, whatever artifacts mean something to you please share them! I'll start with a vaporwave shampoo brush

The box is one of the most vapor wave things I've ever seen in real life, a perfect example of the kind of mid 90's Japanese consumerist style the genre was derived from.

RESET Shampoo Brush invokes images of the melding of human process with futuristic, digital dream scapes and pleasure matrixes. I'm not sure what any of the characters on the box mean, but I'm sure they're similarly vague and ethereal terms like "REFRESHING" or "Enjoy renewal..."

I got it at a dollar store while hanging out with Saltworld Oldbee mkkmypet and a few other friends. This particular dollar store was a treasure trove of abandoned early to mid nineties goods. I also got a book on speaking to dolphins, an old Rotterdam cd, and Jerry Springer's country cassette tape.
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this is a good idea for a thread. not sure how much I have to share but good idea
edit: I did receive an (unopened) toothbrush from a japanese hotel
there's also an older one from the 60's/70's with the littlest toothpaste tube ever
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i found a donald trump game a few days ago. posting it here just for the sake of posting something

EDIT: too big
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I have a serious gong problem and other people need to know about the gong problem so they take it seriously if they ever get it themselves. There is no cure for the problem, but there may be treatment. I'll document my research in this post.
I used to be a normal hermit, living in a normal cabin, eating normal pizzas. Then I found a gong one day. It followed me home and I didn't think much of it, 'cause they don't really need feeding, just a bit of percussive maintenance once in a while. One day I hit the gong really hard and it multiplied. It's been doing this at a slow, but increasing rate ever since, and my house is now a hive of malevolent bronze pizzas.
Photos from the early days of the gong infestation. You can see their mothership scattering light as it beams more of them into existence from some distant star.

Drums were effective at buying time, but the gongs continued to warp in while I was asleep. I've been overrun, forced to a small corner where I chicken-peck this post in the hope that someone knows what to do. My only glimmers of a chance to defeat this menace have been found in the Martian pyramids known as 'Looneys'. Here's an ammo box of pyramids I received from an elven wizard/arms dealer who once had a gong infestation in his garden. They ate all his rhubarb, the little blighters.

I'm about to load these into my laser rifle, give those gongs a taste of prismatic booglarizing, and take my house back. WISH ME LUCK
EDIT: Didn't work :(

There's no way they can stop this BEHEMOTH