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for g17
I played the gears don't grind on Sunday. It was clever and short and occasionally frustrating in that feel-good video game way. I won.
Making tiles and daydreaming about power-ups is a nice activity.
We poo-poo contemporary skinner boxes w/ IAPs & their collect-em-all-spend-our-virtual-cash mentality, but we shouldn't overlook the fundamental appeal of the collect-em-all itch.
First, simple signposts of progression are sooooo satisfying.
Second, variety, real or imagined, feels good.
So in Pac-Man, you get cutscreens. In some games, you get a palette swap. Demon Attack is sometimes almost imperceptibly iterative, but you can really feel the progression while you play.
And in Bubble Bobble, we love seeing rare powerups and encountering new level tiles and enemies. It feels good. 
This post is called "feels good."