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It's kind of funny how just by the nature of this you can tell this is spam, but this is not even western spam it's not even trying to speak engrish it's just blatantly wiriting its Korean (I think? Correct me if wrong) Spam.
Multicultural Spam.

spamfugees weclome
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 gtranslate says it's an ad for Gangnam Style on the Opie and Anthony Show, a shock jock satellite radio program by two self-styled serial killers.
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Man don't want to rock the boat, don't want to shake the christmas tree, don't want to spill some piss around, etc... but when we mi and hundley ran tomatoland for like a total of two minutes (okay few months... a year?) we totally gave bots equal right to posting and replied to their topics whatever we felt and had grand time hell yea, well predictably they overran the forum like a zombie onslaught but hey cannabis cup '99 high times Tecmo Soccer Nes? hi five to me mate hundley.
but seriously if only i could make topic titles so beautiful as this... wasn't there that amazing poetry of bot topic made years ago where consensus was that the topic alongside with the goddamn avatar or bot was the best or something?? huhnnn??? i'm just posting in a rush, don't you worry
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Lately the bots in Final Fantasy 14 have turned their urls into math puzzles. 3w instead of www, (2+2) instead of 4.