Hello a new dog has entered the kennel (Read 140 times)

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bow bow ow ow
a bunch (3) of people who made things I liked have mentioned this tub so i figured id check out the hub bub.
I've made a bunch of animations in clickteam fusion, some with GHXYK2, and I hope to scrape together some games in the future.
My animations: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4lqS2m3YyjvFp5H1Yx0NIg
lets check these smileys
 :pope:​ big fan of this one
 :sombrero:​ big fan also
 :bravo:​ not sure about his bad boy
 :dopefish:​ promising
 :imfree:​ highlight so far
 :mspaint:​ oh i feel ill get a lot of use outta this main man here
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Bushido Blade is a good game
Welcome, illustrious friend
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kenny sprinkler's dream dayze is really good. it may be my favorite video on youtube
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nice welcome to this place
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thanks for stopping by  :sport:​  take a load off
i admire your clicktime animation work, it has good rhythm & distinctive creative voice. drive on moonlight driver