Music (Un/Salty) Musician for hire (Read 108 times)

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My name is Stahalamora and I am a professionally trained Opera singer. I started experimenting with various sounds and techniques earlier this year and now I'm looking to dive into the GameDev scene. I like experimenting with non conventional sounds and mixing it up with celtic vocals to give my music an ethereal feel
If you need a singer / musician to make super chill sounding tracks or practically any kind of sound, you know where to find me!

You can check out my music on my Soundcloud page:
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hi Stahalamora, welcome to Salt World!! sorry it's so quiet around here nowadays, but it's great to know new people can still find this place....
I like your music a lot, I've been going through your soundcloud... I think it could add a lot to a game, I hope you can find a good project to work with