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Hey! I want to properly introduce myself since I have never really done so before. I first came to GW way back in 2003/2004 because of RPGMaker!!!!! and I have never really left. Well, here and there because of life, but I have never really left. I also have only posted two or three times in the past, which I feel bad about because I should have posted more. I have been an extreme lurker throughout the years. I know this may sound creepy, but it isn't. I truly love what a lot of you have posted in the past and present. I like reading what everyone has to say. I never posted in the past because it was pretty tumultuous, and I did not want to be ridiculed. I can remember other things too, but it is pointless at this point. I am uncreative and not very smart, but I have always felt like this place gives me ideas for creativity. I also have always had really bad social anxiety.
It's weird. I have also followed the dump topic since the day it was created, and I love it. It's the best thread on the internet. Thank you Ragnar! And thank you to everyone who has contributed to it!
I have a good memory and can remember most things without looking at the archives too. I almost named myself SALTCHRONICLER, but that is pretentious and is better suited for someone else. Sorry :(
I probably still will not post much, but I wanted to post this because I genuinely do feel bad. Like I said, I am uncreative, so I don't know if there is much to add. I still love all you!!!
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Welcome back new person!
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Welcome old/new person/attack helicopter we welcome your full on lurker abilities into the world of the salt.
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