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I appreciate the commercial's frank focus on two all-time classic video game/human condition motifs -- blundering through lush grasslands and destroying expensive machinery in a geometric demo-void. (I dont think I'll get it. But the respectable trees wowed me.)
I like driving games. If my computer wasn't so crummy I'd probably actually play them sometimes. Personally I firmly approve of the relaxing high-speed drive through variably gorgeous environment as propitious direction for the vidcon medium.
For the most part, I dread hearing about new games. But one way they are worthwhile is the increasingly complicated bright green grass. Every year that shit looks cooler and cooler. It's obvious we'll soon realize psychotactual junk like that is the real vitaminic content we crave from games. Racing games have always plugged away at lushness (Outrun takes trophies for all-time classic lushness); JRPGs too, traditionally candid in their employment as delivery systems for enormous overworlds, sweeping whimsical scores, signifiers to cocoon you in wanderlust, risk. Dragon Quest is probably #1 series globally for deliberate consistency in this regard.
Mario too. So does Sonic the Hedgehog.
Other Video News in 2017
Get those bits chomping, gamers!1

Like a microwaved man beneath a giant radar dish, finally seeming to sight the door out after decades of running in circles screaming and boiling, sega decides to make a new Sonic game:Sonic 2 as Mega man 9:Mega man 2. Huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, say armchair marketeers, BUhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
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Wasn't sonic mania produced alongside fan game makers?
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Yeah, looking it up Sega's not even making it, just publishing. That's even funnier that they would prefer to facilitate someone else duplicating their own game. That Sonic Utopia fangame that Ragnar posted in dump topic completely obliterates all recent official efforts. Of course.
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Of course.
I'm going to babble my ass off about different but similar topic altogether.
Idk about but one of my weekly hobby is to watch couple of guys doing GTA5 youtubes where they bicker and smack talk like a group of little kids playing video games. Yuppp. Welcome to adult life. But it's really great. I thought the most alluring thing about GTA really is the environmental thing.
There is a new sandbox-type of Ghost Recon or whatever coming out, but the thing I really want is how cool the nature looks in it. "This is it folks." I mutter occasionally under my breath when watching somebody playing it.
Far Cry was really like the GTA of first-person shooters. Far Cry was really about immersing yourself into random trophical routes and figuring out how to minimize any contact with anyone. Maybe it's the true loner freak survivalist game...? "We don't take strangers kiiiindly round heeeere.". Far Cry 2 was super disappointing. MGS 3 was also great. Total environmental simulationists, all hail.
GTA3 was really big thing in youth, in a sense that my favourite leisure would be randomly drive in that game.. while listening to the then-new 80's music from the GTA3 radio... and just sort of explore big urban wastes of nothing. Completely novel. Imagine if the ridicilous wastes of cut-and-paste Deus Ex, Turok and Unreal Tournament - texture wall Urban Decay... was made into environmental sandbox simulation? --> Deus Ex looks exhilirated. Doom 1 background panoramas and the precious few "outdoor secret paths" looks ultra-grateful. Special mention to the Wolfenstein 3D shareware maps initial "outdoor" and the ridicilous Windows 95 Golf -coloured "outdoor" map from the Wolfenstein 3D Expansion. I feel PC88 and Wolfenstein were secretly handshaking at the parties.
Somehow I cannot stop thinking of that girl- I mean Final Boss- I mean Leisure Suit Larry and other DOS-era adventure games when thinking of this topic. I'm probably thinking of Leisure Suit Larry 6's ultra-perfect vision of contained tropical nature. If I don't stop myself, I will ineventually drifting to Mario 64 or Mario Kart's nature simulation etc etc, so I better stop here and continue my post:
Maybe an affection for night walks in desolated urban or otherwise places came from GTA3. . . ? ("Did I ever not leave the facility airvent in real life ... ?" -> "Nevermore. Nevermore. Nevermore." says random black crow.)
In effect, one is exploring ONE SELF in relation in space and time, when not exploring nature's beauty but human artificial space. Perhaps we are, in effect, exploring the archives and organization of human brain in macroscope.
I haven't seen other GTA's (save Miami City or whatever, which was also cool but not really urban existentialism. I get that another part is driving the sunnier-than-reality - side of things but really...), that sort of captured that weird kind of urban realism.
It's just the right kind of game to start driving in during in-game night, while listening to weird 80's assorted songs. Drive from a stunt, watch stunt camera. Lazily. Aimlessly. Drive into random inner wards of some wack-ass brutalist-styled stronghold-tenements. Drive into a fountain, drive out. Drive into and marvel random facilities and warehourses. Drive into random harbour. Drive down the pier. Drop car into water. Walk into night. Get on the subway. Watch buildings. Watch burning barrells. Do weird lanky and janky jerks and movements with your character. Have a habit to dissociate and watch over yourself in real life... in GTA3 camera mode. (Must give respects to Return to Krondor for this shit, daaaaym).
I was always wondering what's the allure for normal guys to randomly drive around in cars, but I guess I can get it now:
There was this really great rally simulator called "Rally Trophy". Let's not beat around the bush folks: it was really a "countryside and countryside road simulator". Whoops, I went too fast over that hill, now my car lazily flips over. Friendly voice yaks and warns about the turns of the road. You feel like randomly driving into the big hills and large expanses of wheat fields.
Maybe it's a man's veiled desire for nature and resulting spirituality, that can only express itself socially acceptably in a form of fascination with car...? Gary Numan's "Cars" expanded into 100-page university thesis.
I guess also the new survival game hilariously falls into this niche (wow. I love backpacks. What a sweet, sweet, swwwweeet tent in the middle of nowhere. Look at those grills. It's a random church!).
Why can't the gamers just REALIZE that the answer to their ALL DEEPEST SECRETS could be found in the ultra-accurate nature simulations (and facility vent)...?
Cicada you ever checked out... My Summer Car? (super disappointed that the creator didn't go all the Japanese Romance Manga -way with the hilarious name. IKE! IKE! Mai Summer Car wa to Prince)
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Video game's interactivity - and inherent pointlessness - make them the ultimate art form for expressing human engagement with natural world - we love it but are permanently separated from it. Appreciating it separates us from it more. Are we at home in the world or have we found a new one? [low ][/low]
LMFAO My Summer Car looks fantastic. That's a champion game concept and I'm glad that they're putting in lots of country roads with mysterious trees. Also includes flipoff mechanic - promising. I wish the graphics were more Sega Saturn and less Source though.
Actually come to think of it I'd really want to do or see an "Illustrated History" of Flip offs in Gaming. There's a popular Doom WAD that adds that functionality for the player, of course. But what was the first video game to flip you off? I'm sure it was Japanese they seem to see it as a symbol of mischief rather than a gestural cuss.
I just went to wikiped and read a bunch about it and I guess there's not a good way to refer to the gesture itself; wiki runs out of synonyms in the first paragraph and describes the act itself as "extending" the finger lol. "The bird", "the finger" - these useless terms fall apart as soon as you double deuce it and need to describe multiple hands in the flip-off position, which for the remainder of this document will be referred to as Flip-Offs. In fact the only time I've ever seen another human being try to describe the act itself in one convenient noun form is in Achewood, this strip. An alternative ending to the Planet of the Apes is discussed as involving a "big metal flip-off". This is where our prudish arrogance rears its fat head - By having refused to discuss an obscene gesture honestly for so long it lacks a conveniently pluralizable name!!! When will we learn? You maniacs!!!!
(edit: Wiki says Psychosis, a side scroller from 1990, contains interstices where goblins flip you off. I'm certain some 198x pc and arcade games do it to you. But the question is are there 197x games that flip you off?
edit ps: This is not apropos of anything but I wish I could round up and firesquad everyone who uploads the only footage of something with their slime bellows of a mouth talking all over it, obligating you to experience the grossly mis-fledged personality of Cameron of Indiana wiiiiith Inimical Gamer's Uncompelling Reviews 28)
I haven't played GTA 3 but I do sometimes pick up San Andreas cause it reminds me of my home state. That game has a great sense of place; when I played it the first time, only a few months ago, I was totally boggled by how much and how well it did things. I'm just too coward to play it right and drive super recklessly because I'm afraid of falling in water and entering videogame submersion/void panic mode lol
All Aspects of human cultural mind pine for the pines... I always suspect that the Nerd's vestigial, yearning desire for "properly manly" self-suffience in the scary Fucking Outdoors... seen bubbling up through cracks in the gizmo worshipping strata of the Internet... was in truth the same as the Good Ol Boy's love of down home driving through the great out back doors. Hippie's acid-fueled stroll to serenity was just precisely what the Romantic Author quested to grapple with. Classical themes in human consideration: Infinity, trees, dying... Quick to notice and takes a lifetime to apprehend...nature walk, gaia's sanatorium... Don't think you'll make it out alive. Ha Ha Ha.
A rock wall slides down... The cave exit is shut!!!
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