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Hi, I'm Jay, I live in Germany (originally from central Florida) and make computer games. Not quite for a living, but I'm trying. The fella making Frog Days sent me here. This place has been completely off my radar but I enjoy communities like this. Ok? Ok. Well, bye, thanks for stopping by.
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Hi Jay, saw you posted about Frog days. You should post about Hypnospaces here. I don't know you but when I was a teenager you released a chiptune prog rock album. Not all the ones you have on bandcamp. I don't remember the name but it was about either Dropsy or just some kid getting sucked into a game world.
I'll say in advance of your further posts, very inspiring work, esp. the corporate eco-beatificism, which was a colossal touchpoint to my CD-ROM-filled childhood, as countless aimless youtube comments on 90s net-themed entertainment from people my age can attest. Not a lot of us have the knowledge or talent to make anything of it, so big props. If you haven't already, check out 2006-9 era James Ferraro. Not his doofy vaporwave stuff that blew up, but stuff like Rerex and Clear just perfectly strike very specific encapsulations of that sporty, acultural future-hippie attitude. This stuff was years before anyone was talking about it so it isn't tainted by the extreme menace of too much self-awareness. Only, so to speak, by the man's personal inclinations towards that sort of stoner psychedelia where the things that happen, only barely.
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Welcome to the forum, Jay! Cheers!