RPG A couple of RPG Maker games from 2002-2009 (Read 110 times)

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What is this?
I found a bunch of old RPG Maker games I had downloaded from GamingW years ago. They were backed up to a friends server and it turns out he kept a backup of these. I've decided to upload them here in an attempt to preserve them.
I haven't tested or played all of these.
List of games / systems
  • Rusty's 2 Player Fantasy Battle
  • Chimera Report (2002)
  • Chrono Legends
  • Donkey Kong Deluxe (DK DX)
  • Dragon Ball Z Light of Fury Demo
  • GW (GamingW, now called SaltWorld) Exclusive Platformer System
  • KyrentProject
  • Neues-KS, a very cool custom battle system
  • Potty Wars
  • Rm2kemon
  • Rusty's - Fight for Freedom
  • Rusty's Caterpillar System
  • DarkPriest's Santa's Sled Racing
  • shade_ent - Action Battle System
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yeah I wish there was a solution to the RTP thing, like even empty files with the right filenames would work wouldn't it (if the game doesn't actually use the RTP)? Why doesn't anybody do this
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this is some good shit!!